Thursday, January 31, 2008

'Bout that time again

Yep, it's time for another installment of cute Lee pictures. His latest words are "Cracker", "Baby" (sometimes even accompanied by patting on Lisa's tummy or rocking his arms in a baby position), " No!", "Moo!", and "woof-woof!" Last weekend Lee's cousin came to visit, but he was asleep when she arrived. The next morning at breakfast Grandpa Sheffer was holding little Alexis. Lee pointed to her and said clear enough for anyone to understand, "Who is she?" (Kind of like oo-es-she all mushed together). Lee is also getting very good at helping around the house. He loves to do the dishes and put things in the trash can. His favorite thing to play with is books. Cody once sold books door-to-door and bought one of his own children's books. Lee loves it--it is full of pictures and words. He'll sometimes even get the words right, like pointing to "ball" or "Shoes" and saying the correct word. And sometimes he points to "Hair" and says "Ball!" Close enough.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Safe Haven

We weren't too surprised to see this sight, but took a picture anyway. Here in Logan it's quite common for the deer to come down out of the mountains during the winter. I was a little surprised that they'd come all the way to our backyard, considering we're a good 3 miles or so from the mountains, but oh well! This picture is for all you city slickers who go to Yellowstone and take pictures of the chipmunks.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Happy Birthday, Cody!

Yesterday (January 16) was Cody's 27th birthday. We celebrated with cake, lasagna, presents, Kami, Raychel, Paul, and sledding. Here's some pictures of the day.

For anyone who doesn't know, these are Ebelskivers. Also known as: heaven on earth. If you come visit us, you can request some. We're usually happy to oblige.

Monday, January 14, 2008

Thoughts on life

As excited as we are about this pregnancy, it doesn't stop the inevitable changes that happen to my (Lisa's) body. I said in my announcement post that I wasn't sick at all. Ha! I've found, though, that with enough sleep, enough laziness, and enough crackers and cheese I can survive. The hardest part, as I'm sure any woman with more than one child will attest, is raising the kid while pregnant. This picture underlines that point.
I try to take a little break, and this is what happens. In this particular instance, I found Lee in the living room with an entire package of Oreos open, about 2 and a half in his mouth, more in each hand and on the floor, and who knows how many more down the hatch. At least he was happy, I suppose. I'm glad Cody works at home and can help sometimes, although it's a Catch-22 because I feel like he should be able to help a lot more than he can, which frustrates both of us. All in all, I'm grateful for the baby on the way, for Cody's hard work, and for the delight of an 18-month old adventurer who keeps me laughing most of the time. As my Grandmother always says, "This too shall Pass." Too bad that includes Lee's childhood as well as morning sickness.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Quiz show

Lee is so smart!

Monday, January 7, 2008

For Ryan and Bridget pt. 2

These are the movies of the 3-bedroom unit.

For Ryan and Bridget

These are movies of the 4-bedroom unit.

A Kid with Personality

Our little boy DEFINITELY has a mind of his own. It's amazing to see him come to life and begin expressing himself in ways that are just his. He comes up with new things every day. Last night I was getting him out of his day clothes and into his pajamas. I said "Arms Up!" and all night he said "Aaah-bup!" (of course we encouraged it, but it was still cute.) Right now Cody is blowing up our old rubber raft to take sledding. Lee just climbed into the raft and started blowing too. Other funny things he does now: He knows to put clothing on; he wraps anything he can find around his neck or on his hands like gloves. He likes to help with the dishes, especially putting things in the sink. We've found toys, clothes, towels, clean bowls, and boxes of cookies all in the sink (at least it's not all over the floor anymore!). Climbing on anything is still fair game, and he adores getting to look out the living room window from the top of the couch. Yesterday was Lee's first day of Nursery. We took him in, set him down, and he was gone. He didn't even look back at us; he was off to play with the kids and toys. After church, he saw one of the girls who was in nursery with him. He went up to her and started dancing around, and you could just tell he was saying "Hi, nursery buddy!" I'm probably forgetting a lot of funny things, but that's just saving for another post a later day.