Thursday, January 31, 2008

'Bout that time again

Yep, it's time for another installment of cute Lee pictures. His latest words are "Cracker", "Baby" (sometimes even accompanied by patting on Lisa's tummy or rocking his arms in a baby position), " No!", "Moo!", and "woof-woof!" Last weekend Lee's cousin came to visit, but he was asleep when she arrived. The next morning at breakfast Grandpa Sheffer was holding little Alexis. Lee pointed to her and said clear enough for anyone to understand, "Who is she?" (Kind of like oo-es-she all mushed together). Lee is also getting very good at helping around the house. He loves to do the dishes and put things in the trash can. His favorite thing to play with is books. Cody once sold books door-to-door and bought one of his own children's books. Lee loves it--it is full of pictures and words. He'll sometimes even get the words right, like pointing to "ball" or "Shoes" and saying the correct word. And sometimes he points to "Hair" and says "Ball!" Close enough.

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Bryce and Laurie said...

Hi you cutie! I'll be there soon to play with you.

Love, Grandma