Monday, January 7, 2008

A Kid with Personality

Our little boy DEFINITELY has a mind of his own. It's amazing to see him come to life and begin expressing himself in ways that are just his. He comes up with new things every day. Last night I was getting him out of his day clothes and into his pajamas. I said "Arms Up!" and all night he said "Aaah-bup!" (of course we encouraged it, but it was still cute.) Right now Cody is blowing up our old rubber raft to take sledding. Lee just climbed into the raft and started blowing too. Other funny things he does now: He knows to put clothing on; he wraps anything he can find around his neck or on his hands like gloves. He likes to help with the dishes, especially putting things in the sink. We've found toys, clothes, towels, clean bowls, and boxes of cookies all in the sink (at least it's not all over the floor anymore!). Climbing on anything is still fair game, and he adores getting to look out the living room window from the top of the couch. Yesterday was Lee's first day of Nursery. We took him in, set him down, and he was gone. He didn't even look back at us; he was off to play with the kids and toys. After church, he saw one of the girls who was in nursery with him. He went up to her and started dancing around, and you could just tell he was saying "Hi, nursery buddy!" I'm probably forgetting a lot of funny things, but that's just saving for another post a later day.

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