Monday, January 14, 2008

Thoughts on life

As excited as we are about this pregnancy, it doesn't stop the inevitable changes that happen to my (Lisa's) body. I said in my announcement post that I wasn't sick at all. Ha! I've found, though, that with enough sleep, enough laziness, and enough crackers and cheese I can survive. The hardest part, as I'm sure any woman with more than one child will attest, is raising the kid while pregnant. This picture underlines that point.
I try to take a little break, and this is what happens. In this particular instance, I found Lee in the living room with an entire package of Oreos open, about 2 and a half in his mouth, more in each hand and on the floor, and who knows how many more down the hatch. At least he was happy, I suppose. I'm glad Cody works at home and can help sometimes, although it's a Catch-22 because I feel like he should be able to help a lot more than he can, which frustrates both of us. All in all, I'm grateful for the baby on the way, for Cody's hard work, and for the delight of an 18-month old adventurer who keeps me laughing most of the time. As my Grandmother always says, "This too shall Pass." Too bad that includes Lee's childhood as well as morning sickness.

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