Thursday, February 21, 2008

Just like Mommy

Lee with his cousin Shayden. This is Lee's computer-- the old one we replaced.

Yep, Lee is definitely his mother's son. He loves daddy, but he sure hams everything up just like Lisa does, and he LOVES being the center of attention. It is fun to see his personality develop everday: a mix of Lisa, Cody, and lots of just Lee things. Dad has taught Lee how to sneak up. He crouches down and walks very slowly, saying "shh!" to himself, then he pops up and gives a little baby growl. Lisa has taught Lee how to wrinkle his nose when he smiles and how to flirt with girls by blowing kisses. And Lee has come up with saying "omilyomilyomily" and eating imaginary snacks off of plates or the ebleskiver pan. Oh, yes, and he says "bye" whenever he leaves the room or when it's time for bed or he goes anywhere. Hilarious kid.


Raychel said...

Sweet!! Shayden made your blog. She's pulling that "What's going on?" face. Lee is the cutest kid EVER!

Laurie/Mom/Grandma said...

Lee, I could eat you up!

Love, Grandma