Thursday, February 7, 2008

Pregnancy Update

Cody posted while we were sitting in the Doctor's office today. He wanted to check if his Palm Pilot had the capacity to actually post on our blog.

The doctor appointment went well. We had an ultrasound. Only one baby, but they did change my due date to 1 week later. So, my new due date is September 3, 2008. I said it's better to just know that it will be a week later rather than to find out while waiting in August (in case you didn't know, Lee was a week late). But otherwise, all looks good! They're now doing some lab work and our next appointment is in a month.

I hope you can see the Ultrasound pictures okay. Uncle Matthew--there's only one in there! Sorry, I know you were hoping for quadruplets. :) A quick follow-up on the lab work: they called this evening to let me know I had an infection (yes, a bladder infection, sorry it's gross), so I had to run to the store to get a prescription. I hope that explains the worse-than-usual feeling I've had the past 2 days. Some good meds, a good talk with family, and a good distraction help a lot. Let's just say in closing that we're very grateful for the huge advances in medicine. THERE! My ramblings are done for today.


Bryce and Laurie said...

I hope you're soon feeling better! Thanks for the update.

Matthew said...

I think the other two are hiding... you know, tic tac toe, three in a a row! You don't know for sure until they come out. ;) Love ya sis! Keep that baby in as long as possible!

Angeli said...

Yup, he or she's a Sheffer. I'm sorry you weren't feeling the best. Hopefully the medicine works fast! Such pain! But the little tyke is growing great. We hope all goes well.