Monday, March 31, 2008

The Pea Green house... :)

The color isn't really THAT terrible, but I would probably want to repaint.

The color reminds me of a good joke Matthew once told me (can you tell I'm bored just sitting here waiting?)... Once there was a painter hired to paint the town church. He started painting the first level of the outside and realized he was going to be a bit short. So, he added some paint thinner and kept going. By the middle of the second story he was getting low again, and added more thinner. The steeple came and he had to add even more paint thinner, and the color was fading fast. He finished the steeple on the church and stepped back to see his work, when suddenly a massive storm rolled in, dumping gallons of water and washing away all the paint. A voice came from the heavens, booming: "Repaint, Repaint, and Thin no more!"

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