Sunday, April 20, 2008

Converging on Success

Yesterday was Cody's last day of work for Convergys. He has worked there for 4 years. It's strange to be ending, but exciting to start a new career. Unfortunately, we'll have to start paying for DirecTV now. This was a good job for us through college.

Good news--our new insurance through Prudential will cover this pregnancy (even though it's halfway through), AND Medicaid won't drop us. Whew--no unexpected hospital expenses!

Bad news--Thursday Cody went to play basketball with the Elder's Quorum and sprained his ankle. So, he's been down for the count ever since. With my stomach still not in good shape and Lee at 150% of normal, we've been just trying to make it until tomorrow. The worst thing is not being able to take Lee to the park or to play outside, which is all he wants to do.

And that's our family update. Enjoy the picture of my wonderful boys doing dishes. (Ignore the messy kitchen--that's why we're cleaning it!)

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