Friday, April 25, 2008

A Very Random Post

Today is a pictoral glimpse at a few of our recent activities.
This is a picture of the pumpkin-chocolate-chip bread I made today. It's very healthy--I substituted pureed white beans for the oil, making it much lower fat and higher in protein and vitamins. Cool! It's very tasty, too. I learned at my leadership training that you can substitute cooked beans for fats in most baked goods without too much taste or texture difference. So, this morning I cooked up a pound of beans, blended them up, and made this. The leftover beans I measured into 1/2 cup baggies, then have them now in the freezer, ready to thaw and turn into delicious and healthy (ier) items.

This is our turtle, Oda. Actually, she's a tortoise. Lee got her from Santa for Christmas. He named her himself. She eats lettuce and likes to sleep under her heat lamp (except when she's out to take a bath, like when I took this photo). Too bad she hasn't got a taste for dandelions yet!

Cody's bruised up ankle :(. There's also some sock lines on his foot, but the sprain was so bad it's bruised on both sides and across the top. He was getting much better, then walked on it too much, so today I've made him ice it again and stay down.

Lee once again showing off his body parts. For some reason, I never get sick of taking these movies.


Melanie said...

Hey, I learned that bean thingy with my job at the Extension office in Cache County--and I'm teaching a class about it in a few weeks. Hooray for subbing beans for oil/fats!!

Laurie/Mom/Grandma said...

Poor Cody! That ankle looks awful.
Today at Stake Conference, a man and his wife were sitting in front of us, holding some seats. Soon a family with little children arrived and one little girl yelled "Grandma!" I suddenly got all teary, thinking about the times that I'll be able to be with my grandchildren.