Saturday, May 31, 2008


Haircut time

Yes, the about-bi-monthly haircut time has arrived for both Cody and Lee. Here is Lee's before and after pictures.

Lee definitely has mom's hair. Cody's hair is finer and curlier, Lisa's is stick-straight and VERY thick. I get the feeling his hair will also darken up as he gets older. We'll have to see how this little girl turns out.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Third Trimester

Today is the start of week 26, month seven, or the third trimester. I'm glad that this pregnancy feels like it's going quickly--I hope it keeps going quickly too. I feel our little girl move every day now, quite a bit, especially at night. (PLEASE don't be a night owl...) Cody and I are not making an "official" decision, but I'm pretty set on Annalisa Karin for her name. According to WebMD, she's about 9 inches long from crown to rump and weighs about 2 pounds. Next week I take the gestational diabetes test, and the Dr. informed me that from here on out I'll need urine samples every time we come in--good to know, when my bladder is too small to wait.
This is a picture of me, pregnant with Lee, at about the same point I'm at now. And that cool guy is my dad.

Monday, May 26, 2008

100 Words

A few days ago I had a funny urge to write down every word I could think of that Lee says. (It comes from my mom's side.) So, I made an Excel spreadsheet and started typing. Yesterday I remembered enough words to break 100. I'm not sure now if I have any more that I've forgotten, but Lee is also learning new words everyday, so that list is continuing to grow. This morning he really mastered "Good Morning!", "Outside" and "Good job." And just now he said "Blog."

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Parties, Parties, and more Parties

Anybody who says "After blank is over, life will be easier" is CRAZY! Life just changes, it doesn't get any less busy. This weekend is our prime example. We helped with 3 birthday parties and 1 move in 2 days. Yes, fun, but definitely busy.

Birthday Party #1: Kami
We made Shish-Kebabs that were slower to cook than I had hoped, but sure tasty once they were done. It was a surprise party for Kami, and it was fun to meet a bunch of her friends and talk. Mom S found these wonderful steaks--seriously, it was the best steak I've had in years.

Birthday Party #2: Grandma S. (Cody's Grandma)
This party is steeped in tradition. It's got famous potato salad, a service project, TONS of people, and ROOT BEER! Lee had a blast playing with his 2nd cousins and his 1st cousins-once-removed, and his 1st cousins too.

Birthday Party #3: Shayden
Shayden turned 1. Since her mom and dad were moving that day, our house was used for the celebration. She was adorable, sticking her hands in the cake and puckering her lips to say "Ooh, Ooh!"

Move: Raychel and Paul
Thank goodness they've found a good place still in our ward boundaries and pretty close. We'll miss having them 2 doors away, but it will be good to be away from those landlords.

Moves still to come--Mom and Dad F (3 weeks!), Mom and Dad S (an ongoing process).

PS--GREAT news! Cody passed his Series 6 exam, the first of three tests he will take before he is a certified financial consultant.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Making life smooth-ier

I realized today that Cody and I are in the "Time to Give" stage. Despite me being pregnant and Cody's foot still booted, we are fortunate enough to be able to help those around us. We've been trying to help Raychel and Paul with their unexpected move as best we can. Our nephew Parker is still waiting for a heart transplant, and Cody's been able to visit them a little more whenever he has to go into the office (a 2 hour drive). Cody also helped tear out his parent's driveway. Note, I'm not saying this to toot our own horn, but just to express my gratitude for these opportunities. They not only give us a chance to serve others, but also help us to remember our own fortunes in life. I'm sure that Heavenly Father has set these moments in our path at this time to make the trial of Cody's ankle and my pregnancy seem very small in comparison.

I made a smoothie today--very yummy! It had Coconut milk, banana, raspberries, mango, and lime yogurt. So here is a picture of Lee and I, enjoying a moment and remembering how great life really is.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Reason #496 of why I hate Wal-Mart

As you all know, last year I planted daffodil and iris bulbs in my front and side yard. The daffodils have been blooming for a few weeks now, and today I went to inspect the iris. They've magically turned into lovely purple tulips! I am 90% sure that Wal-Mart sold us tulip bulbs, marked as iris bulbs. There's just one more reason why I hate that store and am reminding myself never to shop there, even for iris (aka tulip) bulbs. Honestly, I can't remember the last time I had a really good experience with Wal-Mart. Oh well, at least I like tulips and nobody's allergic.

Friday, May 16, 2008

The Prophet Said to plant a garden...

So that's what we'll do!

We planted today. We have good weather forecasted for the next week, so it's good timing. Thank you, Grandpa F, for letting us borrow your tiller--it was a huge help.
Lee helped dig the trenches. Uncle Paul helped too, lots and lots (THANK YOU!!!). Dad kept his left foot (the boot foot) in plastic sacks to protect it from the dirt (mainly so Lisa would be happy). Lee preferred to dig with a broom than a shovel.

We laid black plastic down and secured it with lots of bricks. Lee was good at putting down the bricks and climbing over the plastic.

Paul, Raychel and Shayden came and helped for a while. Shayden thought the dandelions were yummy!
Lisa and her "baby bump" putting hotcaps over the tomatoes and peppers.
The final product! This is the herbs. We also planted LOTS of tomatoes, zucchini, acorn and butternut squash, peppers, and cucumbers. Now all we can do is wait for the grass to grow...I mean the plants to grow...

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

More Adventures at our house

A couple other things to blog about:

Lisa has a passion for cooking. I love to write recipes, test them, and perfect them. Last night's creation was mighty fine! Shrimp and melon over creamy coconut rice. The biggest change I made was the way I cooked the shrimp--I wrote the recipe to be kebabs, but they lost too much sauce and flavor in the cooking process. So, I changed the recipe to be poached in the coconut marinade. (ps, it's GF)

Grandpa F, this move is for you. And you know it. :)

Garden time

After 2 mediocre to totally unsuccessful years of gardening, we're determined to actually produce this year from our little garden patch in the back yard. I bought plants yesterday. Here's our gameplan: We went to our good friends who raise rabbits and they were kind enough (more like ecstatic) to give us about 15 gallons of pure rabbit manure. Kim told us we could have more any time we like too--she's filled her garden 1" deep, all her flower beds, and still has more. We put the manure over the garden. We plan to till that under, then dig trenches for irrigation water. The whole garden will be covered in black plastic, then we'll cut holes in the plastic and plant. I've been saving milk jugs for 3 months to put "hot caps" over the small tomato and pepper plants. Lisa's mom also gave us some transplant root stimulator and some miracle grow spray to use throughout the summer. I hope all of this helps! I've had the feeling that our soil is very low in nutrients, hence the manure and the other fertilizers. The plastic is to keep the weeds at bay. The garden spot lay fallow for several years before we moved in, so those weeds have really taken hold.

Wish us luck!

Sunday, May 11, 2008

For all the mothers

Happy mother's day! To all you mothers, aunts, grandmothers, female cousins, and daughters out there, today we celebrate the mother spirit; that divine instinct to nurture and love all of God's children. Women are amazing creatures, and we applaud all of you, especially those who have been so instrumental in our lives. Thank you for your love and selflessness.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

6 Deer!

Ok, so I stood up from the computer after finishing my last post, and looked out the window. There was a deer in our yard, so I had Lee jump up on the table and look. A minute later, another one came from behind the fence, then another, and another, then one showed up from the behind the garage, and last one came from the side yard. Six deer total, at 11:30 am! The camera was in the car, so I went to the garage to get it. Of course, this scared the deer, but they came back after lunch and we took another look and got some pictures. They were happily grazing on my fresh crop of dandelions, the grass, and some of the small tender leaves on the shorter trees. We saw deer in the yard during the winter, but only 1 or 2 at a time and in late evening. This was a surprise.

Lee Stories

As the title of our blog suggests, we are here to make you all laugh. So, it's time for a few more stories about our absolutely hilarious almost-2-year-old boy.

Cody's been dying to go swimming ever since I came home with a $3 steal on toddler swimming trunks. It took us a while to buy the rest of the supplies--swimming diapers, a life jacket, a maternity suit for me, etc. Just days before the boot, we got everything ready to go. Cody was very disappointed when the doctor said he couldn't swim until after the boot came off, but still insisted that we go and I just get in the water with Lee. We bought a season swimming pass at the University ($40/family, can you believe it?) and jumped in, literally. The water was a little cold, and Lee shivered the whole time. He's never been so clingy in his life, but he seemed to enjoy it. He didn't cry, but continued to say "done?" "Bye?" "Go?" the whole time. We'll try again soon. Cody said he stood in the warm shower and just soaked it up, not wanting to get out.
How do you teach a toddler to help the RIGHT way? Lee loves to help around the house, doing dishes, laundry, dusting, or anything we're doing. We give him lots of praise and love when he helps, because it is a good thing to do. I must admit, he's getting lots better, and we are getting better and finding pint-sized jobs like "here, rinse this cup in the water over and over and over!" or "put this baking powder on the table!" This morning already he's helped me make waffles, running to the pantry and grabbing handfuls of sugar from the open bag and throwing them on the kitchen table; he has helped with the laundry by pushing the clothing into the dryer (I have to work fast, because if he runs out of wet laundry on the door to push in, he'll either go find some or close the door); and last night he found a brush and tried to help me scrub the bubble bath out of the carpet that had spilled from a broken bottle. When it is dishes time, he will drag a chair from the table--a good 6 feet away--climb up, and then find a brush and start rubbing everything in sight. For now, we're just very glad he enjoys helping around the house and try not to get upset when the results are messier than the start.
The other day, shortly after Cody's boot was put on, Cody decided to take a bath. The doctor recommended baths instead of showers to reduce pressure on the ankle. I (Lisa) was in the living room wasting brain cells, but could hear Lee in with Cody filling up the tub. A few minutes later, Lee comes barreling into the living room at top speed, talking just as fast as he can "glanke-bosal-ashay..." and pointing back the way he came. I looked at him, acknowledged him, and went back to my TV show. He ran out a second later. Again, less than a minute had past when the same thing happened--Lee came running in, looking quite concerned this time, telling me some fantastic story that I could not understand, and pointing at the hallway. Suddenly, I hear Cody's voice from the bathroom say "Lee, say 'SOAP!'" Then it dawned on me. "Lee, does dad need some soap?" I asked him, and his face lit up. "Ok, let's go get him some!" So Lee led me to the hallway drawers where we keep extra toiletry supplies and I got a bar of soap and took it to Cody, who was laughing pretty hard. Apparently he'd been telling Lee, "Go get mom and tell her I need some soap." Lee sure tried hard, and by the end of it was starting to say "so? So!"

These stories have made my day the past while, and I hope they brighten yours! If you ever need an even bigger laugh, give Lee a call. Trust me, it's the greatest thing since sliced bread.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

A happier post

I figured after the last post, I'd better put something up that's happier.

Rain! I love rain. I know lots of people find it depressing, but I have always enjoyed a good gully-washer, probably starting from my first four years of life in Eugene Oregon, where it rained a lot. It continued in North Dakota, where summer rain came all at once--like an inch in half an hour. Those thunderstorms were always the highlight of my week, and I love watching the big clouds roll in. Today it is raining here in Logan, not snowing. So, that's an added bonus. And it's been pretty steady, hard rain, meaning lots of good water for my flowers and grass. Speaking of flowers, my daffodils are finally blooming. I planted them last fall, not sure whether I would see them or not, but determined to improve the place I'm living in. We are in the same ward with a bunch of land lords, who often mention that they hate it when their tenants don't do anything to improve the property. So I planted daffodils and iris, and now I get to watch them bloom.

This morning Lee and I discovered a fix for his drooly chin. He takes after his father--it comes out in torrents. In fact, Cody's whole family drools. We even called one of our nephews "Niagra Falls" for a while.
Well, I need to go make lunch for my boys. Lee is currently talking on the phone. Actually, it's a USB flash drive, but he is still saying "Hi! ashay eh sha rrah, esh woor, fall" while holding it up to his cheek.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008


After nearly 3 weeks of prodding from Cody's mom and waiting for insurance to go through, we finally took Cody to the doctor today to get his ankle checked out. Good news is, we went to the right doctor. He had specific training that helped him to correctly diagnose the problem which, he said, normally goes unnoticed.

Cody has a tiny, almost stress-like fracture on the ridge just under his ankle joint. The biggest thing that could hurt it or prevent it from healing is motion, so we get to immobilize it now. That means a boot. It's really quite amazing that a tiny, nearly invisible line on his x-ray could cause so much discomfort. The doctor did get a good laugh from Lisa's description of injury: "Fell while making a sweet shot in church basketball."

Monday, May 5, 2008

A very full weekend

This weekend we had both sides of the family in town. Lisa's brother Matthew graduated with a degree in Engineering. We celebrated with a BBQ and lots of food. Mom and Dad as well as Kathy and Doug traveled about a thousand miles each to attend. On Sunday we had 2 baby blessings for 2 nephews, one on each side of the family: Eric and Axton. Thank goodness both were here in our hometown, because if we'd had to travel, we wouldn't have made it to both. Both also threw nice lunches (well, Axton's was actually Lisa's Granddad's birthday party, but it was the same side of the family). I told Cody very specifically that we would be going to 2 lunch parties back to back, and to be sure to not overeat. So, of course, he filled his plate heaping full at both places, then complained all night long about how full he was. Silly man. :) I, on the other hand, got a pregnancy craving, so at 8 at night I made myself a hamburger.

These are a few movies from our weekend. The second movie was taken Saturday morning, before graduation. So, that is only one half of the family we saw (the rest came Sunday). Sorry I haven't taken a movie Lee talking about Cody's side--I'll get one eventually!