Wednesday, May 7, 2008

A happier post

I figured after the last post, I'd better put something up that's happier.

Rain! I love rain. I know lots of people find it depressing, but I have always enjoyed a good gully-washer, probably starting from my first four years of life in Eugene Oregon, where it rained a lot. It continued in North Dakota, where summer rain came all at once--like an inch in half an hour. Those thunderstorms were always the highlight of my week, and I love watching the big clouds roll in. Today it is raining here in Logan, not snowing. So, that's an added bonus. And it's been pretty steady, hard rain, meaning lots of good water for my flowers and grass. Speaking of flowers, my daffodils are finally blooming. I planted them last fall, not sure whether I would see them or not, but determined to improve the place I'm living in. We are in the same ward with a bunch of land lords, who often mention that they hate it when their tenants don't do anything to improve the property. So I planted daffodils and iris, and now I get to watch them bloom.

This morning Lee and I discovered a fix for his drooly chin. He takes after his father--it comes out in torrents. In fact, Cody's whole family drools. We even called one of our nephews "Niagra Falls" for a while.
Well, I need to go make lunch for my boys. Lee is currently talking on the phone. Actually, it's a USB flash drive, but he is still saying "Hi! ashay eh sha rrah, esh woor, fall" while holding it up to his cheek.

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Shay said...

That phone comment reminded me of my son! Xen's favorite "phone" was a block or something. I'm kind of sad I can't remember anymore...

Anyway, cute post! I planted some flowers too, I hope they look as nice as your dandelion!