Saturday, May 10, 2008

Lee Stories

As the title of our blog suggests, we are here to make you all laugh. So, it's time for a few more stories about our absolutely hilarious almost-2-year-old boy.

Cody's been dying to go swimming ever since I came home with a $3 steal on toddler swimming trunks. It took us a while to buy the rest of the supplies--swimming diapers, a life jacket, a maternity suit for me, etc. Just days before the boot, we got everything ready to go. Cody was very disappointed when the doctor said he couldn't swim until after the boot came off, but still insisted that we go and I just get in the water with Lee. We bought a season swimming pass at the University ($40/family, can you believe it?) and jumped in, literally. The water was a little cold, and Lee shivered the whole time. He's never been so clingy in his life, but he seemed to enjoy it. He didn't cry, but continued to say "done?" "Bye?" "Go?" the whole time. We'll try again soon. Cody said he stood in the warm shower and just soaked it up, not wanting to get out.
How do you teach a toddler to help the RIGHT way? Lee loves to help around the house, doing dishes, laundry, dusting, or anything we're doing. We give him lots of praise and love when he helps, because it is a good thing to do. I must admit, he's getting lots better, and we are getting better and finding pint-sized jobs like "here, rinse this cup in the water over and over and over!" or "put this baking powder on the table!" This morning already he's helped me make waffles, running to the pantry and grabbing handfuls of sugar from the open bag and throwing them on the kitchen table; he has helped with the laundry by pushing the clothing into the dryer (I have to work fast, because if he runs out of wet laundry on the door to push in, he'll either go find some or close the door); and last night he found a brush and tried to help me scrub the bubble bath out of the carpet that had spilled from a broken bottle. When it is dishes time, he will drag a chair from the table--a good 6 feet away--climb up, and then find a brush and start rubbing everything in sight. For now, we're just very glad he enjoys helping around the house and try not to get upset when the results are messier than the start.
The other day, shortly after Cody's boot was put on, Cody decided to take a bath. The doctor recommended baths instead of showers to reduce pressure on the ankle. I (Lisa) was in the living room wasting brain cells, but could hear Lee in with Cody filling up the tub. A few minutes later, Lee comes barreling into the living room at top speed, talking just as fast as he can "glanke-bosal-ashay..." and pointing back the way he came. I looked at him, acknowledged him, and went back to my TV show. He ran out a second later. Again, less than a minute had past when the same thing happened--Lee came running in, looking quite concerned this time, telling me some fantastic story that I could not understand, and pointing at the hallway. Suddenly, I hear Cody's voice from the bathroom say "Lee, say 'SOAP!'" Then it dawned on me. "Lee, does dad need some soap?" I asked him, and his face lit up. "Ok, let's go get him some!" So Lee led me to the hallway drawers where we keep extra toiletry supplies and I got a bar of soap and took it to Cody, who was laughing pretty hard. Apparently he'd been telling Lee, "Go get mom and tell her I need some soap." Lee sure tried hard, and by the end of it was starting to say "so? So!"

These stories have made my day the past while, and I hope they brighten yours! If you ever need an even bigger laugh, give Lee a call. Trust me, it's the greatest thing since sliced bread.


Sara said...

Wow, you had me in stitches, especially that Soap story! what a great kid!

Raychel said...

He's so stinkin' cute.