Sunday, May 25, 2008

Parties, Parties, and more Parties

Anybody who says "After blank is over, life will be easier" is CRAZY! Life just changes, it doesn't get any less busy. This weekend is our prime example. We helped with 3 birthday parties and 1 move in 2 days. Yes, fun, but definitely busy.

Birthday Party #1: Kami
We made Shish-Kebabs that were slower to cook than I had hoped, but sure tasty once they were done. It was a surprise party for Kami, and it was fun to meet a bunch of her friends and talk. Mom S found these wonderful steaks--seriously, it was the best steak I've had in years.

Birthday Party #2: Grandma S. (Cody's Grandma)
This party is steeped in tradition. It's got famous potato salad, a service project, TONS of people, and ROOT BEER! Lee had a blast playing with his 2nd cousins and his 1st cousins-once-removed, and his 1st cousins too.

Birthday Party #3: Shayden
Shayden turned 1. Since her mom and dad were moving that day, our house was used for the celebration. She was adorable, sticking her hands in the cake and puckering her lips to say "Ooh, Ooh!"

Move: Raychel and Paul
Thank goodness they've found a good place still in our ward boundaries and pretty close. We'll miss having them 2 doors away, but it will be good to be away from those landlords.

Moves still to come--Mom and Dad F (3 weeks!), Mom and Dad S (an ongoing process).

PS--GREAT news! Cody passed his Series 6 exam, the first of three tests he will take before he is a certified financial consultant.

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Laurie/Mom/Grandma said...

I'm so glad that you're counting down to helping us move! :) I'll appreciate the help. Congrats to Cody on passing your test!