Friday, May 16, 2008

The Prophet Said to plant a garden...

So that's what we'll do!

We planted today. We have good weather forecasted for the next week, so it's good timing. Thank you, Grandpa F, for letting us borrow your tiller--it was a huge help.
Lee helped dig the trenches. Uncle Paul helped too, lots and lots (THANK YOU!!!). Dad kept his left foot (the boot foot) in plastic sacks to protect it from the dirt (mainly so Lisa would be happy). Lee preferred to dig with a broom than a shovel.

We laid black plastic down and secured it with lots of bricks. Lee was good at putting down the bricks and climbing over the plastic.

Paul, Raychel and Shayden came and helped for a while. Shayden thought the dandelions were yummy!
Lisa and her "baby bump" putting hotcaps over the tomatoes and peppers.
The final product! This is the herbs. We also planted LOTS of tomatoes, zucchini, acorn and butternut squash, peppers, and cucumbers. Now all we can do is wait for the grass to grow...I mean the plants to grow...

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Laurie/Mom/Grandma said...

How exciting! I'll come over in a few months for a nice juicy tomato! Let's hope this garden is a good one.