Monday, May 5, 2008

A very full weekend

This weekend we had both sides of the family in town. Lisa's brother Matthew graduated with a degree in Engineering. We celebrated with a BBQ and lots of food. Mom and Dad as well as Kathy and Doug traveled about a thousand miles each to attend. On Sunday we had 2 baby blessings for 2 nephews, one on each side of the family: Eric and Axton. Thank goodness both were here in our hometown, because if we'd had to travel, we wouldn't have made it to both. Both also threw nice lunches (well, Axton's was actually Lisa's Granddad's birthday party, but it was the same side of the family). I told Cody very specifically that we would be going to 2 lunch parties back to back, and to be sure to not overeat. So, of course, he filled his plate heaping full at both places, then complained all night long about how full he was. Silly man. :) I, on the other hand, got a pregnancy craving, so at 8 at night I made myself a hamburger.

These are a few movies from our weekend. The second movie was taken Saturday morning, before graduation. So, that is only one half of the family we saw (the rest came Sunday). Sorry I haven't taken a movie Lee talking about Cody's side--I'll get one eventually!

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