Thursday, June 12, 2008


This picture can only mean one thing: Frost. :P Last night we had a sinking suspicion that it would be chilly, so we watched the evening news. The first story was frost warning, so Cody and I went to the garden at 10:00 and covered everything up. I checked the overnight low on my cool thermometer, and it said 39, but there was just a hint of frost on the blankets and tarps we'd put over the plants, so I'm glad we covered them. Yuck! It's June! (Mind you, I'm only complaining about having to cover the plants, not the cooler weather. I am not allowed to complain about cool weather when I'm dreading the heat so much.)


Cody said...

We can always find something to complain about. lol

Raychel said...

You guys are going to have an amazing garden this year. I picture you plants as a really spoiled child right now, but man is it going to pay off.