Saturday, June 7, 2008

Goin' to the Zoo

Sheila was so kind to invite us to the special Primary Children's "Dream Night" at Hogle Zoo yesterday. We went with several of Cody's family members and had a blast. Lee loved seeing all the animals. They gave us a free dinner and a cool bag of souvenirs, and had several animals out being held by Zoo workers for the kids to see and touch. They also had an elephant show and free face painting. Pretty cool!

Cody with Sheila, holding Dillon (Crystal's son).

Lee liked the snake. See Grandma hiding behind him, scared to death?

This one's just a little bigger than Oda...

Looking at the Rhinos
PS- Cody passed his Series 63 exam, #2 of 3 qualifying exams. He's passed the first 2 now, one more! Congratulations, Cody.

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