Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Happy Day, All is Well

We feel crazy-busy this month, but some very good things are happening.

Yesterday Cody had a doctor check-up for his ankle. It's healing very well, and he's out of the boot--hooray! Now he has an ankle brace that is far less obtrusive and that he can wear with a normal shoe. Cody is still limping a little bit, but only because he's gotten used to wearing the boot and it feels different. I did realize today that I missed out on my opportunity to call him "Bootsy!" (from Savannah Smiles)

Also yesterday we went down to Cody's sister, Alisa's high school graduation. It was a quick trip and we wished we could have spent more time with her, but it was important to us to support her.

And, my garden is growing! I am SO excited to see the plants looking healthy and getting bigger. Our landlord set up the irrigation water yesterday--it's been raining so much that we haven't needed it yet. We seriously have the best landlords in the world. They treat us like their grandkids.

So that's our good news minute. Have a grand day.


Paul and Raychel Mantz said...

Holy Cow, cute girl! Alisa, you rock! Dad looks funny in the back.

Angeli said...

What a cute picture, great photographer, I agree that Dad is taken in one of his wierder poses.