Wednesday, June 4, 2008

An overdue post

Ok, I haven't posted anything on this topic, so perhaps this post is way overdue. But, better late than never.

This is a picture (taken December 29, 2007) of Lee with our nephew, Parker. Parker was born about 2 months after Lee. He has a congenital heart defect called Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome. Basically, he is missing the entire left half of his heart, giving him a 2-chamber heart. He was given the first 2 of 3 corrective open-heart surgeries, but in January he suffered a stroke and has been in the hospital ever since. He is in heart failure and is on special medications that make his heart pump, without which he would die. He is currently on the heart transplant list, and has been for just over 100 days now.

This situation has caused a lot of new challenges for Cody's side of the family. His sister spends a lot of time with her son at the hospital, and his parents are very good to take care of Parker's older sister, Alexis. We have all done a lot of praying as we wait to find out what will happen. Parker's heart condition is currently stable, but there have been a few scares. The problem with waiting for so long is he is now running out of IV locations and his heart function could take a turn for the worse. Things that could possibly take him off of the list--infection, clots or another stroke, or illness.

I've tried to leave my personal feelings and opinions out and just give the facts, as I understand them. Obviously, this is a trial for the entire family, especially Parker's parents. We hope and pray that all will go well, and that the Lord's work will be done, in His time. Sometimes His time is the hardest to accept.

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Angeli said...

Love the picture, it is on Parker's wall at the hospital. It is a trial, and makes us appreciate our little ones and how fragile life gets. Hold them tight with love! Grandma's love their grandkids!