Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Updates on everything

Lee is almost 2. We're planning a fun birthday party at the park for him. He likes to eat hot dogs and grapes, and talks constantly. Also, when he hears a good tune, he'll stop to dance for a minute or two.

Lisa's mom and dad are here, safe and sound. They've closed on both houses, so they officially own their new home here. We love it and are glad they found such a perfect place.

The baby is growing well, right on target for 29 weeks along. It's crazy to think that this is the point where doctors say the baby could be born and survive. I shouldn't complain about the pregnancy, because I know it could be a lot worse. I think the hormones and loss of energy are starting to take their toll.

Cody loves his new job! He's probably called most of you already to do surveys. He is working hard and often comes to me, excited about something he's learned and eager to share.

Parker is doing well. Today they placed a PIC line and are weaning him off the ventilator. Getting him off the ventilator will be a huge step forward, so hopefully the weaning will go smoothly. He's awake and happy, though Sheila says that the medicine he's on now makes him dizzy and sleepy.

The garden is growing AWESOME, and I'm thrilled. Our tomatoes and peppers have little blossoms on them (well, not all the tomatoes, but a couple of the varieties) and the zucchini have about 1 inch long baby zucchinis on them--wahoo! We're going to have zucchini in a few weeks, the first I've ever been able to harvest from our garden here. I hope we get zucchini-ed out, because it's been years since I've had my fill of that wonderful green squash. Besides, I owe Kristin some big time. 2 years interest on the seeds she gave me...

And that's an update on our lives for now. We have a couple of busy weeks coming up, and I hope I can find ways to relieve some stress. Enjoy the picture of Lee. Yes, those are Lisa's shoes. And yes, that's drool all over his shirt.


The Real Life of M&E said...

Sounds like life is going great, so glad Cody loves his job. It's much easier to live when your spouse loves what they are doing, don't you agree! I can't believe you are so close to having the baby, guess I had better start finding girl things to spoil her!

Angeli said...

I knew that Lee would like the frog pool! We'll see if they have any more. But the party is coming soon.