Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Funnies again

Just for smiles, again. Mostly for me.

PS--what's the only thing funnier than watching a movie of Lee? Watching Lee watch a movie of Lee. He cracks himself up.


As always, I shouldn't have got my hopes up. Nothing is happening. Well, the baby is head down, I guess that's a good thing at least.


I don't want to curse myself, so I'm knocking on wood as we speak.

I think this baby is dropping, aka descending, engaging, lowering, etc. I'm distinctly lower in the belly, have a ton of pressure on my bladder/"down there", and can breathe quite easily. We're going to the doctor today, and will most likely have our first pelvic check. (please pardon the crudity). I'm excited, and also really nervous--I hope the doctor has good news, and I'm worried he'll say that not much is happening. I suppose I shouldn't be too worried--I'm only 35 weeks after all, and still have over a month until my due date. Oh well, wish me luck anyways. I'll post again this afternoon when we know more.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Your favorite, a funny Lee post

Here's some cute pictures and a few little quips, just to make you laugh (and make me laugh too).

One of Lee's new favorite phrases is "Stop it!" It usually comes out "top-it-top-it-top-it" accompanied by whining, crying, or otherwise lashing out. Sometimes he says it just for fun, though.

Lee likes to say hi to things now. Like Shayden? "Hi Shaynen, Hi!" He usually cocks his head to the side, gets right up in your face, smiles and says hi. Very cute.

Lee is also learning how to sing! He knows to go up and down in pitch, and can remember a couple words from "Twinkle Twinkle, Little Star." I'll have to get a movie and post it sometime.

And there's a quick update from the life of a 2-year old. Enjoy.

Monday, July 28, 2008


Something you may not know about me, but I LOVE to cook. Shortly after I had Lee, I was so overwhelmed with mothering that I broke into tears one day and asked Cody "What did I ever do before Lee? Do I still have a life?" It was then that I remembered that I've always had a passion for food, and made a personal goal to pour my natural creativity into something everyone has to do: eat. That way I had a really good excuse to take personal time, and I could get immense satisfaction from a simple daily task like fixing dinner. Cody gave me leave to purchase nice ingredients every now and then, and I've come up with some fun recipes.

Here's tonight's dinner:

Herbed Trout and Pesto Tortellini

This is not a meal I typically measure ingredients in, but I'll give you the recipe as close to as I guess I did it:

For the Trout:

We caught 2 fresh, yummy, good sized trout. I cut some fresh herbs from my garden: Basil, Italian Parsley, Thyme, and Oregano. On a large piece of foil, put the fish, stuff with about 2 cups of mixed herbs (some go inside, then the rest go on/under/around). Season liberally with salt and pepper. Add the zest of 1 lemon and 2 tbsp olive oil. Wrap in the foil and bake at 500 degrees (we did it on the grill) for 15-20 minutes, or until internal temperature reaches 160 degrees. When it is done, squeeze the juice from the lemon you zested all over the fish. mmmmmmmmm good

Basil Pesto Tortellini:

Cook up 4 servings of tortellini according to package directions. We used dry, but only because we had that on hand. Frozen or fresh would be WAY better.
In a food processor, put:
1/2 cup (a large handful) walnuts
1/4 cup fresh Parmesan cheese
1/2 tsp salt
1/4 tsp black pepper
2 cups fresh basil leaves
1 tbsp lemon juice
1 tbsp heavy cream
1 tsp chopped garlic
1/4-1/3 cup olive oil
Puree it all up. I find it helps to start with just the nuts and cheese, especially if you cut the cheese from the block. Stream in the oil at the end until it reaches a medium thick paste consistency. Toss with the hot pasta. We threw fresh, homegrown cherry tomatoes on the top of ours. Again, YUMMY!

Try out my recipes! For those GF of you out there, basil pesto is equally yummy over roasted potatoes. Just cube your potatoes, sprinkle with a little salt, pepper, and olive oil. Bake at 350 for 40-60 min, until they are soft in the middle and crunchy outside. Then toss with the pesto just like you would the pasta. You can even put the fish in the same oven, for about the same amount of time. (Keep an eye on it though.)

And if you want to commission a recipe from me, I don't charge, and I'm always up for a little challenge!

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Parker's home

After exactly 6 months and 2 days, our nephew Parker came home from the hospital. Just to remind you, he was born with a congenital heart defect. His heart function in January took a terrible nose dive, and he consequently suffered a stroke. Shortly thereafter he was put on the transplant list, where he waited for about 4 months. He was on medications that kept him alive, but he was continuously getting worse. On June 10 at 1 am his transplant arrived and he had a literal change of heart. He's been in recovery ever since, with some ups and downs, but is getting stronger every day. On Friday he was released from the hospital. What amazing things we can do now.



Friday and Saturday were the family reunion. It was held on a grassy clearing next to a remote reservoir in northeast Utah, about 1 1/2 hours drive from any real civilization. We got up Friday morning and borrowed Mom and Dad F's van (thanks so much!) and packed it to the gills just so that Lisa would be comfortable. I told Cody that I wouldn't go unless I had a comfortable place to sleep, plenty of water, a way to clean up, and lots of good food to eat. Secretly, I hoped my list would be too overwhelming, but Cody the natural optimist found a way to meet all my needs and then some. We took every mattress pad we own for me to sleep on, a big water jug full of ice water, a cooler and a basket full of food, and 2 huge packages of baby wipes plus hand sanitizer. We got to the reunion about 5 at night, ate some sandwiches, and set up camp. We found a fairly level spot up in the sagebrush and put up our tent.

Family trickled in all evening. At about nine I drugged myself with a couple of Tylenol PM and we went to bed. Lee and I fell asleep to Cody's wonderful story about crochet hooks, caves, fireworks, sparkling whirlpools, and ancient Indians.

Saturday morning Cody and Lee went on the 5K run, though he stayed with his sisters and they turned around shortly after the 1/2 mile point. Cody's super excited that his ankle is healed, and he's doing self physical therapy and easing back into running.

After breakfast we went out on the lake on the canoe. Lee loves water. We didn't boat for long, and then Lisa went to the family auction while Cody and Lee went back out on the lake with the fishing poles. They caught 2 good sized fish. When Lee saw Cody reeling the first in, he said "Hi fish! Bul-uup..." Cody put the fish right under Lee's seat, and if flopped around a bit, which scared Lee a little.

After fishing we cleaned up camp, played some horseshoes, and ate lunch. Then it was time for the drive home. We got back home that night hot, dirty, and tired--as good as you could expect from an overnight campout.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

The rest of Pioneer Day adventures

After the mile walk this morning we came home and took naps and showered etc. This afternoon we went up to Lisa's parent's house and had girly-girls and manly-men time. We made a fabulous dutch oven feast. The only low point was Lee getting burned (we told him it was hot!). Cody loved talking with Dad F under the deck and the misters, drinking ice cold cabop (pop, in case you've forgotten). Lisa loved cooking up a storm in that fancy kitchen and chatting with her mom and sister. And to top it all off, the food was fantastic! We had 3 dutch ovens: #1 was pot roast, #2 was cheesy creamy potatoes, and #3 was peach crisp, thanks to Raychel and Paul. We also made a pan of sauteed vegetables, a big pot of baked beans, homemade ice cream to top the peach crisp, and a huge pitcher of lemonade. The green jell-o didn't set in time.

Now the day is over; night is drawing nigh. Tomorrow, if you can believe it, I've sullenly agreed to go camping to our family reunion. Wish me luck. I will for sure post when I get home, so if I haven't in a week, send a search party.

Here comes the Lisa, OH HOW SLOW

We went to the Pioneer day 5K & 1 mile fun run this morning. Between Cody's ankle that is still needing more physical therapy before it'll be fully mended, my pregnancy, and being with my awesome parents and sister, we decided to walk the 1 mile. Raychel and Shayden came too, but they ran the 5K. Amazingly, Raychel came in about a minute after us. I was the slowest of the whole walking group, but we had a great time.

2 days and counting...

Lee has slept in his own bed, all night long, the past 2 nights in a row! Yes, it took a little encouragement from me, but he did it. No falling out, no getting up in the middle of the night either. He may just figure this bed thing out after all.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

The million dollar man

Cody filled out his first 2 life insurance policies this week. Who for? Us, of course! We looked through all our options, I asked a boatload of questions, and with a little guidance from his training managers, we made our decisions and took out a policy for each of us. Cody's policy is currently for $1,000,000. We went with a Term Elite 10-year policy. I personally would not recommend this policy to anyone but us. The way this policy works is that we pay considerably less than we would normally because it only covers for the next 10 years. It's a little more than a normal term policy, however, because we have the option in 1 year to convert it to a "permanent" policy (a universal life, that pays us no matter how long we live). We get to take all the premiums we pay this year and move it into a different type of policy. This works very well for us (and us alone) because it is Cody's job to do this, and it allows us to get the full coverage we wanted right now instead of waiting a year--one million dollars. Why so much, you might ask? If Cody were to die, this will allow me to be a stay at home mother until our children get into school, during which time I can pay for the rest of my schooling, and, if I choose, work part-time. It's been a fear of mine ever since we had Lee that if Cody were to die suddenly, the very next day I would have to go find a job. I would have no time to plan a funeral, take care of my kids, or mourn my loss. I would have to get to work, just to make ends meet. This policy is such a huge relief, knowing that I could comfortably live for 20 years, putting in as much work as I wanted to or was able to, and still be the kind of mother I've always dreamed of being. I can also take some of that money to be my kid's inheritance, and Dad would always be a part of their lives, paying for college, weddings, etc... (BTW, we have plans on how to fund these dreams, because Cody is NOT going to die).

My policy, however, is the one we're super excited about. It's a Variable Universal Life policy for $100,000. In a year when we change Cody's policy to a permanent one, part of his coverage will be another VUL. These work in a unique way: it mixes life insurance with investing so that our policy will keep up with, and hopefully surpass, inflation. This banks on the fact that I'm not going to die young (but of course is good coverage if that were to happen, too). We have a flat rate that we pay, but we can put more in too, just like savings or another investment. The money is tax-free because it's insurance. It has growth potential of 7-10%. So how cool is that? It has all the bonuses of investing and being insured, at the same time. The longer I live, the bigger it grows, and the more money we get paid when I die. For now it's coverage to help with expenses if I died. When I get older, it's kid's, grandkid's, great-grandkid's inheritance, which I want to use as scholarships and wedding nest-eggs.

We are very excited about these policies and I already feel so much better knowing that the insurance is there. Life's "what-ifs" are just too real to ignore now days, and I know that we will have long healthy lives together. But no matter what, our children and grandchildren will be protected, and we will be able to provide for our family.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Happy moment

I was sitting here checking my email as Lee was sitting in bed. For some reason I think it helps him calm down a little, though it's never kept him in bed. Suddenly, his "pthbbbb" car sounds were gone, and I looked over. He's sound asleep. So cute. He's snuggling his wooden car and his sippy cup full of water in his arms. What a precious child. Now I'll go take a nap while I still have a chance.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Giving in

I've tried pretty hard to keep this blog pregnancy-woes free, but I'm now giving in. I'm almost 34 weeks along now, but I wonder how much that means. Will I go into labor on my own, or will I have to be induced again? Each day gets a tad harder. Fortunately, I'm not swelling (yet) and have been able to remain relatively cool all summer, despite it being in the 90's plus nearly every day this month. Today I felt hot, and the high was about 80. Go figure (humidity).

I've found that if I can get enough rest at night, I do infinitely better. When I do not get enough rest, I'm depressed, achy, lonely, and irritable. Lots of movement during the day makes me have very mild contractions at night, which give me a little bit of hope. Perhaps my body will be able to do this after all...? My appetite is totally wacky. I go from being ravenously hungry to having indigestion and heartburn, which makes me not want to eat at all. Every now and then it's coupled with waves of nausea and other unpleasant side effects. Good news is, though, that I've been craving lots of fruits and vegetables, whole grains, and lean proteins--healthy food. My eating habits, over all, are dramatically improving. Hopefully I'm teaching myself as I go, although today chocolate has been my #1 fixer-upper. (Lee asked for some candy and I even said, "No, no candy. This is mommy's medicine." shame.)

My energy comes in waves, and only can extend to what sounds good at the moment. I have a goodly sized to-do list that I hope to accomplish before the baby comes. This afternoon I wanted to do some cleaning with Lee, but the only thing I was willing to do wasn't on my list at all. Oh well, we did it anyway. I got out the hose and power-sprayed the outside of the house and the front porch, getting rid of lots of dirt and bugs and cobwebs.

Cody's been the biggest help a woman could hope for. He reminds me that I shouldn't feel bad when my list doesn't shrink during the day, as long as I accomplish two goals: #1 the baby stays healthy and safe, #2 Lee stays healthy and safe. And he is also very good at helping me shrink my list too.

OK, OK enough whining. I promise my next 3 posts, at least, will be much more enjoyable.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Family dates

Last night we had a family date and saw WALL-E. It was lots of fun! We really enjoyed the movie, and Lee was quite well behaved. He acted up more at the store before the show than in the theater, go figure. After the movie was over, Cody and Lee clapped. And Lee kept on clapping. He had to stop about 7 or 8 times as we walked out the theater to clap. Then all the way home he said "Wall-E! Bye Wall-E!" We may have just discovered Lee's favorite movie.

Today we went to the Pioneer Day Jubilee at the American West Heritage Center with Ryan and Bridget. We had a good time. I, Lisa, who grew up outside of Utah, have not celebrated Pioneer Day that much. It's fun to see what activities are available and celebrate my own pioneer heritage. Lee loved the pony rides, though he was a tad hesitant at first.

PS--keep on guessing, if you want, for when Annalisa will arrive/her birth size. Also, if you want some zucchini, let me know! We're definitely at the sharing stage, and harvesting about 2-3 every other day.

Some happy news

Sheila called us this morning with very good news: our nephew Parker is out of the PICU. He's been there for almost 6 months exactly, ever since January 23 when he had the stroke. He is now on the 3rd floor (recovery), where he will spend another week or so, and if all goes well, he can go home fairly soon. Of course, this is just the beginning of his lifelong recovery--rejection of his new heart will always be a concern. His immune system is very weak, so we probably won't even be able to visit for 6 months to a year. We'll post when he goes home.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Ha Ha! I win!

Cody and I had a friendly competition going on over which tomatoes would turn red first. I guessed cherry, Cody guessed the bigger tomatoes. I didn't think they'd be ready for a couple more weeks, but today:
Trust me, winning our little bet is not nearly as sweet as those little tomatoes were. But I still get breakfast tomorrow morning. :)

Pool Party

Lee got some cool pool stuff for his birthday, and today Cody had some time to help us set it up. It felt good to soak in the cold water with the hot sun on our backs. Shayden and Raychel came to play too, and Shayden's diaper filled up with water. It was hilarious! Lee's favorite was throwing his soccer ball in the pool and making it splash.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Baby countdown

We took some cute family pictures yesterday.

So, it's time for the official baby countdown! I'm 33 weeks tomorrow, meaning 7 (8) (9) weeks until this baby comes. Less than 2 months, wahoo!

I have a long list of things I still need to do before Annalisa joins us. Most of it is busy work, but that's ok. I have lots of deep-cleaning projects, like tackling the long ignored freezer and steaming the carpets. Also, there's some essential shopping I need to do--stuff like size newborn/1 diapers, a boppy, cute girl bedding, baby girl clothes, shall I put it...mommy supplies. We've already purchased a nice pump, with the hopes that will help me nurse better, and a dresser/armoire for baby clothes. Lee is ALMOST bed trained...ok, not really almost, but getting closer.

Now, I'm opening the poll for guesses on Annalisa's arrival. First, the facts: Lee was born exactly 1 week past his due date, after I was induced. The doctor has told me they will induce between 41 and 42 weeks. I am due September 3. Lee weighed 7 lbs, 7 oz and was 20.5" long. The poll for Annalisa includes her birthday, weight, and height (you can participate in any or all 3 categories). Just comment on this post for your guess. Winner earns major bragging rights. :) My personal guess for her arrival is September 9. (Then I'd have a 7/7/06 baby and a 9/9/08 baby.)

Ooh boy, I just realized the Olympics will be this August--one more great thing to do while I'm massive!

Monday, July 14, 2008

Catching sunshine

Silly, silly Lee. But SO cute.

Emily (and everyone else), I hope that made you smile today. It sure made me smile!

Sunday, July 13, 2008


(By the way, Lee calls fish "bish". They make bubble sounds--"bluup, bluup...")

We went on a fun date and caught a fish. We've seen lots of these albino trout in the water, but never have caught one. Unfortunately, the fish was tiny tiny, so we released it. But not after a quick picture!

Sneaky Kids

While my mom and dad were gone on their cruise, my sister Sara came up with the idea to surprise them with priming their basement. It was fun to go hang out with Sara for a couple afternoons to work on it. Lee's cheerleading.

Saturday, July 12, 2008


Fine, Sara, I'll do it. :P

Closest book to me right now: The Teachings of the Presidents: Joseph Smith (RS manual). Page 123, sentence 5: "When has the Lord given you gifts to help you participate in His work?"

But I refuse to tag anybody else. It is kind of fun to see what that book says, though, so if you want to be tagged, go ahead and do it.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Ball Chair

I swear, Lee is THE smartest kid ever. He says about 200 words perfectly, and is great at learning new words. He's stringing 2 or 3 words together now into simple sentences--the best of which are "bye store!" "Car Cart" "No hands" "Cool Dude!" etc. Today Cody and Lee were out playing in the yard with his new soccer ball. Cody sat down on the ball and Lee started laughing. He ran up to dad, pointing at the ball, and said with no prompting, "Ball-Chair!"

Thursday, July 10, 2008

The beginning of the End

As I was NOT sleeping at 4 am yesterday, I said to myself, "OK, it's the beginning of the end." I'm officially in the big, awkward, heavy, uncomfortable stage of pregnancy. I'm starting to get those painful baby movements, when they decide to stretch and relax, meaning that they lodge themselves somewhere in your pelvis or in your ribs, or both. I'm having more and more problems sleeping--more like falling asleep. If it's not a leg cramp, it's a back ache, or heartburn, or a mosquito flies by my ear, or Cody moves, or Lee wakes up, or...

Of course, as soon as I start to feel bad for myself, things get snapped back into perspective. Last night at enrichment I went to greet one of my good friends in the ward. She had a blue band around her elbow, and I asked if she'd donated blood. "No, just had it drawn," she replied. Another lady passing by jokingly said, "Do you have an announcement for us?" "Yes," my friend said, "I'm expecting--triplets." I asked her if she was serious, and with tears welling in her eyes, she assured me she was. She seemed happy, but I can tell she's scared stiff. She started explaining how they'll need a new house, a new car, not to mention 3 of every baby item on earth. As much as I love this sister and hope to help her through her pregnancy and beyond, I am VERY glad I'm only having one baby, and it is a very good time of life for our family. I'm trying hard to remember the struggle we had getting pregnant in the first place, and the elation I felt when I found out our little Annalisa was on the way. This baby truly is a miracle, and I know that the discomfort I'm feeling now is but a blink in the bliss we'll feel throughout our daughter's life.

In even happier news, look at my massive-o garden! ps--I'm picking Zucchini.... HOORAY!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Just felt like posting

Since I feel like posting tonight, but don't have much purpose in it, this will be random. Typical.

Annalisa is definitely getting bigger and running out of room. Her movements are becoming more constant--in other words, I'm feeling all of them now, even the little fidgets while she sleeps. You can also see my belly moving. That's always a tad surreal. It's starting dawn on me: in 2 months I will have another baby.

Cody has started his first appointments for Prudential. We're so very excited about this job! I've come to realize some really good things: 1) Prudential is a GOOD company. They put Cody and his welfare first, before making money off of him. They seem to be very people-oriented. 2) Cody is a HARD worker. He is thrilled to be the sole breadwinner for our family, and this job will give him a very good opportunity to do that. 3) This isn't as much of a sales job as I was anticipating. To me, sales is convincing someone they want a product that they don't necessarily need. Prudential refuses to give something to someone unless they need it. Very good indeed.

An update on our nephew, Parker. It's been nearly a month since his heart transplant. He's still in the PICU, but he's on the mend. He has had a lot of problems with fluid buildup from various causes, and that's led to chest tubes and respiratory problems, etc. He isn't rejecting the heart, though, and that is most important.

Today I watered the front lawn, and tomorrow is irrigation day. I love playing in water, always have. It just makes me happy. Also, because of a blessed cool front, we haven't had as scorching hot days. In fact, I didn't turn on the swamp cooler until noon today. Yay! I may just survive being pregnant this summer after all...

Birthday Party

Cool soccer ball and shades, Lee!

We had a super-fun birthday party yesterday for Lee. He had such a good time, he didn't want to eat his food or open his presents--just play.

Monday, July 7, 2008

For a very special 2 year old

(OK, I know I should be cleaning and cooking instead of blogging, but too bad.)


This movie is the first time I held Lee.

Things I remember vividly when Lee was born:
I had a long labor. I'm not sure if it was THAT much longer than most women's first labors, but I did 100% of mine at the hospital, hooked up to IV's and monitors. I'm honestly not trying to complain, but I was very ready for Lee to come when he finally did. I was induced on July 6. It took 5 tries and 3 nurses to place the IV that would start the pitocin drip, so even though I'd been at the hospital since 7, "labor" didn't start until 9 am. I made it about 20 hours before getting the epidural, and I should have got it about 10 hours earlier. ;) My mom and Cody were there, bless their hearts. About 24 hours into labor I was finally dialated to a 10 and given the go to start pushing. My wonderful nurse counted out the breaths for me and Cody and mom held my legs...for an hour...Finally, my doctor came down and said that an hour was as long as they'd make me push without assistance. They got all ready and hooked Lee up with a vacuum extractor on his head. After about 3 contractions of pushing and pulling, the extractor popped off. Next was "Plan F"--Foreceps. Yuck. Even with an epidural they hurt, and the squeaking was not pleasant either. But the nurse reassured me that of anyone she'd met, Dr. Heiner was the best at placing and using foreceps. The next contraction I pushed, and he pulled, and my mom and Cody got really excited and started yelling "the head's out!" Then the foreceps were put down, Dr. Heiner said Lee was biting his finger, and the next push, I closed my eyes I was pushing so hard, and he finally said, "Lisa, look and see your son." Lee was the most beautiful thing, all wrinkled, gray and slimy. I touched his little hands and feet and he opened those cute eyes for the first time.

Other funny moments from labor and delivery: as Lee started crowning and Cody caught the first glimpse of the top of his head, Cody said, "Lisa, I can see his head! He's bald!" Dr. Heiner said "No, he's just wet." Also, when I was dialated to a 9, Cody was so anxious and sleep deprived that he was pacing and practically shouting. He was making me nervous, so I told him to run around the hospital--a full city block, probably about half a mile. He left and about 2 minutes later or less he was back in the room with us. I didn't see him run, but I'm sure he was booking it. He was much calmer after that.

Now, here we are 2 years later, and Lee is such a ball of joy! He makes our lives so happy and complete--definitely worth the 9 (10) months of pregnancy and the 26 hour labor. Tomorrow after his party I'll post pictures of today.

Saturday, July 5, 2008

2 years ago

July 5, 2006
The day before I went into Labor. I was hot. And swollen, and tired, and very very bored. My mom and sister came from North Dakota that day, and we were fully planning for them to be here just to help with the baby. As it was, mom was able to be with me through the labor and delivery--a wonderful help.

Now, here we are 2 years later. I'm kind of noticing a difference...

Friday, July 4, 2008

Happy Independence Day!

We wish you all a terrific Fourth, and to our grand Nation, we are proud and grateful to live here. We honor all the service men and women who protect us, and the founding fathers who wouldn't settle for a mediocre government.

And now some cool pictures.

At least we learned that Lee is not deathly allergic to bee stings! (poor kid.)

Logan has a pretty great fireworks show (better than any other place I've lived) and it's always on July 3rd, so we went last night. We went with Raychel and Paul and Shayden, Alisa, and Cody's cousins Jamie and Teri.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Pregnancy Update

31 weeks today, start of the 8th month, only July and August left! WebMD says the baby is 18 inches long and 3.5 pounds. That's just a little shy of my cutie nephew Axton's birth size. I guess that's probably about right, because Axton was born at 35 weeks, only 1 month further than I'm at right now. WebMD also says that I should have gained 21-27 pounds by now... thank goodness THAT's not true...

Annalisa is definitely getting bigger and stronger. I can tell she's a little cramped. I can also tell distinct personality differences already between Lee and her. In the womb, we called Lee "Screensaver baby" because he would slowly bounce off the walls of my belly, constantly. Anna has distinct sleeping and waking periods--she'll be still for several hours, then go crazy. She also has a tendency to sit on my right hip. You know that feeling when somebody sits on your lap and they get right on the bone? Yeah, and I can't get her to move either. bug.

One very exciting prospect is that I've had a few Braxton Hicks contractions, something that never happened with Lee. Maybe there's hope that I'll actually start labor on my own? nah...

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Happy day at our House

Our kid is hilarious!

Everyone say congratulations to Cody: he passed his 3rd of the 3 tests today, meaning that once he signs some paper work and waits for the end of his required 10 week training period (July 14), he will be officially certified as a Financial Services Associate for Prudential. WAHOO! We celebrated with Coldstone.