Thursday, July 10, 2008

The beginning of the End

As I was NOT sleeping at 4 am yesterday, I said to myself, "OK, it's the beginning of the end." I'm officially in the big, awkward, heavy, uncomfortable stage of pregnancy. I'm starting to get those painful baby movements, when they decide to stretch and relax, meaning that they lodge themselves somewhere in your pelvis or in your ribs, or both. I'm having more and more problems sleeping--more like falling asleep. If it's not a leg cramp, it's a back ache, or heartburn, or a mosquito flies by my ear, or Cody moves, or Lee wakes up, or...

Of course, as soon as I start to feel bad for myself, things get snapped back into perspective. Last night at enrichment I went to greet one of my good friends in the ward. She had a blue band around her elbow, and I asked if she'd donated blood. "No, just had it drawn," she replied. Another lady passing by jokingly said, "Do you have an announcement for us?" "Yes," my friend said, "I'm expecting--triplets." I asked her if she was serious, and with tears welling in her eyes, she assured me she was. She seemed happy, but I can tell she's scared stiff. She started explaining how they'll need a new house, a new car, not to mention 3 of every baby item on earth. As much as I love this sister and hope to help her through her pregnancy and beyond, I am VERY glad I'm only having one baby, and it is a very good time of life for our family. I'm trying hard to remember the struggle we had getting pregnant in the first place, and the elation I felt when I found out our little Annalisa was on the way. This baby truly is a miracle, and I know that the discomfort I'm feeling now is but a blink in the bliss we'll feel throughout our daughter's life.

In even happier news, look at my massive-o garden! ps--I'm picking Zucchini.... HOORAY!


Melanie said...

hooray for zucchini! I have some yummy recipes, like a veggie meatloaf and some jam, too! I'll bring them to you.

Jerusha said...

I totally hear you on the beginning of the end thing. When I was pregnant with Allison the end started at 5 months. Achy hips and never good or enough sleep. I love the name you chose. Good luck with everything--you're A GREAT MOM ALREADY!