Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Just felt like posting

Since I feel like posting tonight, but don't have much purpose in it, this will be random. Typical.

Annalisa is definitely getting bigger and running out of room. Her movements are becoming more constant--in other words, I'm feeling all of them now, even the little fidgets while she sleeps. You can also see my belly moving. That's always a tad surreal. It's starting dawn on me: in 2 months I will have another baby.

Cody has started his first appointments for Prudential. We're so very excited about this job! I've come to realize some really good things: 1) Prudential is a GOOD company. They put Cody and his welfare first, before making money off of him. They seem to be very people-oriented. 2) Cody is a HARD worker. He is thrilled to be the sole breadwinner for our family, and this job will give him a very good opportunity to do that. 3) This isn't as much of a sales job as I was anticipating. To me, sales is convincing someone they want a product that they don't necessarily need. Prudential refuses to give something to someone unless they need it. Very good indeed.

An update on our nephew, Parker. It's been nearly a month since his heart transplant. He's still in the PICU, but he's on the mend. He has had a lot of problems with fluid buildup from various causes, and that's led to chest tubes and respiratory problems, etc. He isn't rejecting the heart, though, and that is most important.

Today I watered the front lawn, and tomorrow is irrigation day. I love playing in water, always have. It just makes me happy. Also, because of a blessed cool front, we haven't had as scorching hot days. In fact, I didn't turn on the swamp cooler until noon today. Yay! I may just survive being pregnant this summer after all...

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The Real Life of M&E said...

oh the days of playing under ones bed. Alas I don't think I'll ever make it down there again without help from the fire department to get me out. Once again your blog brought a smile to my face at the end of a long day. Sorry we haven't made it up with Lee's present, we've been sick and contagious (according to the dr) this week and didn't think you'd want it too.