Friday, August 29, 2008

My new plan

After a couple days of being bummed about not going into labor (bummed is a mild word), last night I asked Cody to tell me something comforting. What he said helped remind me of all the good things that are happening right now. So, I've come up with a new plan to help me avoid depression and keep things in perspective. I'm going to constantly remind myself of the following:

I am excited to meet Annalisa!
I am excited to see if she has black hair, like I imagine her, or if it is a different color (or bald).
I am excited to see my toes again.
I am excited to bend over and pick something up off the floor without grunting.
I am excited to see how Lee handles a little sister--for better or worse.
I am excited to no longer be pregnant.
I am excited to be a mother again, and re-experience babyhood.
I am excited to post pictures of Annalisa in forty different outfits.
I am excited to drive my new car.
I am excited to eat the lasagna in my freezer.
I am excited to PUT Annalisa in forty different outfits.
I am excited to learn the differences between boys and girls--for better or worse.
I am excited to have bottled tomatoes from my garden.
I am excited for more funny laughing moments with my childREN.
I am excited for the quiet, calm moments, however far between they are.

See, I have a lot to look forward to, that will happen whether or not I go into labor on my own. Now, to take a page from Bridget's book: 13 days until my last-possible induction date!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Pregnancy non-update

OK, I had a nice long post written about how horrible I'm feeling, but I've discarded it to spare you all. Suffice it to say, I went to the doctor today. I've barely progressed, so now instead of a "tight 1" I'm at a "loose 1." The doctor then all but scheduled my induction. He told Cody, in regards to my chances of starting labor, that "Nothing's certain in this business, but..." I've been wanting so badly to go into labor on my own that this was a real blow. I've been crying pretty much since I got home.

So, you can relax and not worry about checking this blog for a while to find out if I've had the baby. I don't think I will be giving birth for a couple more weeks. In the meantime, I'd appreciate any prayers in my behalf, especially those for my mental and emotional comfort. This is turning out a lot harder than I'd hoped for.

Another Funny Cousin

Lee and Shayden are best buds. They both get excited to see each other. Yesterday Shayden came over and they played in Lee's tent. I didn't have the camera running when you could hear Lee saying "Shaynan! Jump! jump!" But it's still cute anyway.

In other strange news, it was chilly last night! We actually closed the windows and put an extra blanket over Cody. What a nice change, after all the heat.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

My favorite *pregnancy* things

So I've been thinking about happy things recently, trying to keep my mind from dwelling on the slow passage of time. Here is a list of things that have made my pregnancy a little/a lot nicer. I'm writing them in the order I think of them, not necessarily best first.

#1 CODY, most importantly. He has done everything I've asked him and more...except for giving me a really great back massage, but he's forgiven for that. :)
#2 Big towels. I mean, BIG BIG beach towels that can wrap all the way around my Mount Everest abdomen.
#3 Air conditioning. We have a swamp cooler, which in the dry heat here has worked really well.
#4 Pepcid AC and Tums, sometimes taken at the same time.
#5 foot scrub, although this hasn't been utilized in the past few weeks; it's still up there on my list.
#6 A good book to read. Time passes quickly behind the pages of a good novel.
#7 Friends and family to talk to and hang out with. You have all made my days nicer.
#8 High-speed internet and DirecTV. A little bit of entertainment goes a long way!
#9 my funny boy Lee. He makes me laugh and smile every day. Like right now he's smelling his teddy bear's feet and saying "Stinky!"
#10 yummy food that's easy to prepare and doesn't require a lot of heat, like BLT's, ice cream, and things on our new grill.
#11 In case you can't tell, blogging. I have so much fun reading blogs and posting, and then reading the comments when the come in.
#12 Everything else I forgot. I forget lots of things now.

In Baby countdown, 8 days until my due date. That means that in 2 weeks at the worst I will have this baby. Yesterday I finally packed my hospital bag, though I didn't get everything in there that I need. I do have all my Relief Society stuff done, Lee's bag packed, the shopping done, and the nursery all set up. I think the necessities are taken care of. The proper people are all on stand-by, and now it's just the waiting game.

A Baby for our Baby

Yep, we've gone completely nuts. (or so it feels). Yesterday we bought a car! We've been thinking about buying a second car ever since I got pregnant again. Cody's job really added to the stress of the one-car situation, as he needs to be gone most of the day, and he goes out of town once a week. With Annalisa about a week (2 weeks) away, we decided it was the time to act. Also, it was Honda clearance, so we were able to get a really good APR as well as a goodly chunk off the listed price.

Now, as to our specific choice: it's a 2008 Honda Accord LX. It's brand new (yikes!). Cody and I have been arguing--I mean, discussing--over which exact car to buy for a while. Cody really wanted something with good gas mileage, like electric-car-good gas mileage. I wanted a bigger vehicle that could easily fit our 2 carseats, stroller, and other family-of-four supplies. We both love Hondas and have had a lot of success with them in the past, and considering the Accord gets the best gas mileage for it's size of car, it ended up being the best choice. The Accord doesn't depreciate in value quite as quickly as other vehicles, so buying a 2 or 3 year old car is almost as expensive as buying it new, maybe only $2-3 grand difference. So, we decided to pay the extra for the warranty and the new vehicle perks. As you can tell from the picture, it's silver with a gray interior.

We're excited about this new purchase, although it feels a little scary to be back in debt, after we made it over a year being completely debt-free. But we are certain this will make Cody a much more efficient worker, and it will make me a much more comfortable and happy mom, as well as being safer and able to handle emergency situations a lot easier. What a baby's homecoming gift!

Hm. Lee's smelling my belly.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Funny cousin

Lee is ready for Axton to be old enough to play with. He often asks him to come play. Well, Axton is showing just a teeny bit of interest in his older cousin now. I think they'll be good friends.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Still having fun

On Friday we got to go swimming. Lee was so excited, starting about Tuesday he wanted to pack up the swimming stuff and would go find swim diapers and put them on his legs, then walk around the house (more like waddle) saying "swimming? Swimming?" Friday was dad (grandpa) F's CPD party, and we had such a good time. Grandpa and Grandma and Dad all took Lee down the water slides, and we played under the fountains until it was too cold and dark to play one second more. That night, Lee barely made it into his bed before he was sound asleep.

Yesterday was a great Saturday. Have I mentioned we just LOVE having my parents here in town, where we can hang and play? We went up the Canyon yesterday morning and had breakfast, hosted by G&G F. It was perfectly chilly, and I even wore a jacket. After breakfast, I went to mom and dad F's for the day and babysat kids while everyone else did other projects. It was enjoyable. Cody helped a lady move, then came up in the afternoon to help with tiling mom and dad's basement guest bathroom. I forgot to take pictures of that, but it looks really nice.

So, as you can see, we're still having fun around here. Speaking of having fun, I think Lee may be having too much fun without my supervision. Time to go be a mom, not just a blog lady.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

A balanced diet

What do we eat aside from cheese? More cheese!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Those BLT's went STRAIGHT to my waist.

Back from the Doctor appointment now. I've gained 4 lbs this last week. Blah! That brings my total-thus-far to just shy of 20 lbs. I still feel healthier than I did at this point with Lee, and I can't see any water retention in my feet or ankles. Good-ish news, though--Doc says I'm dilated to a "tight 1". At least SOMETHING is happening...

Why is it that some women have these stupendous 2-hour labors or don't make it to the hospital, or go 2 weeks early, or have to be told not to push, or just have babies on their own? More importantly, why does it bug me so much? I should be grateful I can have children, period. Honestly, I am; I'm very grateful that Annalisa is on the way, that she's healthy, that my body isn't falling apart totally and completely, and that the pregnancy has been relatively easy.

Time to go research old-wives-tales on how to induce labor at home.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Pregnancy update

Tomorrow is my 38-week mark. 2 weeks until my due date, how weird is that? I also have a doctor appointment tomorrow--I'll post if he has anything interesting to say. I'm trying not to get my hopes up. I've actually been trying to ignore the impending birth of this baby so that the time will go faster. Unfortunately, I finished the last of the Twilight series this morning, so I won't have that distraction anymore. Fortunately, the Olympics will still be running another week. As far as how I feel goes, I know I'm in the last few weeks. I feel heavier and lethargic, and spacey. I forgot to put the parking break on yesterday at the store and the car nearly ran into the one in front of it. I'm hungry and thirsty a lot too. But, it's not as bad as it was with Lee, and not nearly as bad as it could be, so I'm very grateful. Cody is such a wonderful help--doing dishes and picking up the house, and running to the store when I forget key ingredients for dinner or when I need an ice cream fix. All in all, I feel like I'm doing really well. My body is healthier than I expected, but most importantly, my mind is healthier than I expected.

Now, let's all chant with Lee:

"Mm, Good!"

No, we don't have a rodent infestation. I always laugh when Lee comes to me, chewing something, and says "Mm, good!" Then it's an expedition to find out what he's sunk his teeth into this time. As you can tell, he definitely likes fresh produce! This picture was while I was trying to prepare last night's dinner (fajitas).

Friday, August 15, 2008

A Summer Specialty

I have been looking forward to this day since the moment we planted our garden...actually, much longer than that, since last year, possibly even before that.

The first B.L.T.'s! Whoever invented this perfect combination of lightly toasted bread, creamy mayonnaise (NOT Miracle-corn-syrup-unreal-sickly-weird-whip), crisp bacon, light lettuce and perfectly ripe tomatoes deserves a major award. Of course, a B.L.T. is no more than a sandwich unless it has homegrown, vine-ripened (truly vine-ripened, not just chopped off with some stem attached) tomatoes on it. When you have the right tomatoes, and the bacon is perfectly cooked, and the bread is still slightly warm from the toaster.....oh man, this is one of my favorite summer treats; perhaps it IS my favorite. The only thing that could make it better would be to serve it alongside some hot corn on the cob and a tall fresh raspberry shake. As you can tell, I'm not opinionated on this sandwich at all, am I?

I think I need to go buy more bacon...even though I ate 2 sandwiches for dinner tonight, they still sound good.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Tomato face kid

Arguably one of the funniest things he's ever done. I hope he always loves tomatoes!

And now, Lee's greatest Admirer--himself!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Spa Day

Today I cashed in on the pedicure/haircut my mom gave me for my baby shower. What a special treat! Mom and I went together for the pedicure. Man, that felt nice. The girl mentioned the tension in my feet and I believe it. It also feels nice to have someone else scrub away at the calluses.

Then I went for my haircut. I asked to go about chin-length, and something fairly low maintenance. The rest was up to the stylist. She chose this fun A-line cut, and I love it! Dry, run a straightener to make sure everything's flipping the right way, and I'm done. I can't get over how cool the back of my neck feels (temperature wise) and how light my head is. I probably took off a pound or more of hair--we'll see if the Dr. notices at my next appointment.Sorry for the mug-shot style picture. But you can see how cute my hair is!

Monday, August 11, 2008

Less than 1 month...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE this bedding! Thank you!

Today my baby ticker says 23 days left (now, that's until my due date, of course). Wow! In less than 1 month, no matter what, I will have this baby. I've been a little nervous, not sure if I'm really ready--though my body is screaming that I am. Yesterday at church my friend Nichole brought her 2-week-old little boy, and looking at him, and hearing and smelling him in his newbornness, made me really excited for another child. I think Lee is ready too. He tries so hard to be soft with babies, although he doesn't quite know their limits.

I'm finally thinking the house is ready too, though my to-do list is just as long as ever. We have the nursery ready (see the pictures!) and Cody and I are trying hard to stay on top of the housework. The most important things are done. Now it's maintenance, and if we get around to a bigger project, great.

I am also trying hard to stay pleasantly busy with just fun things. I've saved some fun projects for August, knowing that I would be big and awkward and tired. Projects like my once-a-pregnancy Pride and Prejudice party, the Olympics, reading the Twilight series, sewing bibs, etc. Now that August is in full swing, I plan to take full advantage of my big tired awkwardness. :)

1 month? here we come!

Fruits of our Labors

Lee is sitting next to me right now eating a little bowl of cherry tomatoes like it was grapes. He loves them! We knew he did from purchasing cherry tomatoes at the store before the summer, which is why we planted 2 plants. Our garden is producing big time now. The zucchini is starting to wane, but the tomatoes are in full swing. Cucumbers are also doing well, but we only planted one cuc plant, so those aren't popping out our ears. I also harvested most of my basil plants and dehydrated it, ready for the winter. Basil grows pretty quickly, and I wouldn't be surprised if I can dehydrate a bunch more before the end of the summer. Also growing well is the acorn and butternut squash, which have lots of pretty fruit on them and are just ripening and getting bigger. I'm excited to eat those!

At Grandma H's house for Sunday dinner last night we had the first of the summer corn (no, I did not grow corn--it's something I'm not fond of growing, as I really can't stand the worms), and boy was that delicious! Lee was too young last year to eat it right from the cob, so it was fun to watch him hack at it. This really is the best time of the year for eating, with all the fresh produce that is so good, and good for you. (Don't get me wrong, I like eating at Christmastime too...)

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Toy box time

Thanks to Dad F, for helping us build a toy box!

This is a project we've been wanting to do for a long time. We've kept Lee's toys in an old cardboard box, which he climbs into and destroys within a matter of days. The box we built is sturdy and won't break, and big enough to hold all the toys. I told Cody last night that this box will be our limiting factor--if we ever get too many toys to fit in the box, it's time to get rid of some. :)

While Cody was building and Lee was taking a nap, I helped mom F just a little with canning and making dinner. We made the most delicious pork roast ever--I made an Asian-inspired spice rub and "concoction" (like a syrupy glaze), and we put the roast on mom and dad's rotisserie. WOW--it was so moist and the outside was crispy, and the flavor was just perfect with the naturally sweet pork....none of us could stop picking at it.


On Friday night we went to the Rodeo. Lee was a little more interested in climbing the bleachers than watching the cowboys, but it was a good time. Our favorite event is of course the Wool Riders, or Mutton Bustin'. I know the picture of me is a little gimpy--Lee and I were doing some buckin' broncos on my lap.

Friday, August 8, 2008


This morning I went hunting. I got a pretty good catch too: 4 mosquitoes and a fly. It would have been 6 mosquitoes and 2 flies, but I don't have perfect aim. Oh well.

The problem is, they hunted me all night. The past few nights we've resorted to wearing bug spray at night, but it stinks and the deet is itchy, so we don't put much on, which means it's not much of a deterrent. I've got to find a better solution. The backs of my arms are covered in massive red welts, and poor Lee has them on his face.

And now for a quick pregnancy update: I'm 36 weeks along now, and haven't started swelling yet (knock on wood). Bending over is almost completely out of the question now, but my wonderful, wonderful husband took Wednesday morning to help clean the house. It feels so much nicer. I might be able to stay ahead of the laundry and dishes, if I maximize my feeling good days. Toys on the floor are harder. We set up the baby's nursery, washing the adorable bed linens I got at the shower and setting up the crib, then sorting and putting all the baby clothes into the dresser. We've left the toys in that room for now, and of course Lee has made a big mess, but it's better than it was. Lee's bag is all packed and ready to go play with Grandma. I'm holding off on packing my own bag for now--with Lee I stared at a packed bag for 6 weeks, only to have plenty of time and plenty of notice that I could have packed it before the hospital. Very depressing. But I am DETERMINED to go into labor on my own. (I'm trying to have faith and be positive.) The baby is getting bigger--according to WebMD, about 20" and 6#. I can feel it. Last night she had a bad case of the wiggles at about 4 am. She still really likes my hips.

Time to go grocery shopping. Lee's excited to ride in the car cart.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

too funny to pass

I know I just BARELY posted, but after we started watching movies. I wasn't going to post this movie because I thought it wasn't very funny, but Lee's reaction was just too good.

The original:

The reaction:

I'm playing the part where he falls over, over and over again. He just couldn't stop laughing about it.

To all you blog stalkers out there, I hope you have a lovely evening! And find a smile in our little family.

Lee being Lee

Every 2 year old, no matter how good they are, and how kind and sweet their intentions, is still just a 2 year old. I didn't come to this discovery this morning, but it was simply reiterated. A lot.

After showers (of course it had to happen after showers and getting dressed) I was taking a little reading break and listening to Lee play. I asked him what he was up to, and surprisingly, he got up and came to me. He was covered from head to toe in flour, making him look like a flaky albino. Great. So I shook him off over the sink and (fortunately) decided to hold off on the second bath and change of clothes, as the majority of the flour had brushed off well.

About an hour after lunch, I said "Lee, time for naps." His response was typical: "No." "Lee, how's your diaper?" I was expecting another "no," but he surprised me with "Off." Oh no. Oh no no no no.... Sure enough, his diaper was off, hovering around mid-knee, stuck in his pants. Which were wet, and smelly. Fortunately, I kept my cool and didn't scold him; I'm unsure whether he took the diaper off, or it was faulty in the first place--either way, I scrubbed him down again and he is now in a new pair of pants and socks. I only found one small piece of...stuff...on the floor, and it wasn't ground in (thank goodness).

Ah, the adventures we have at our house! I just grabbed the camera to give a quick glimpse of Lee's typical playtime--enjoy.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Baby Shower Time!

Yesterday my wonderful sisters-in-law, mom and sister threw me a baby shower. It was SO much fun, and made me feel so loved and happy.

This is the amazing cake that Emily made, click on the link to see more of her work.

Lee's excited to have a baby sister!
Mom S, Lee, Emily, and Linda around the food. Bridget made the beautiful and tasty fruit flowers.
Playing "Guess the Girth" (the game was one I requested, so I'm not embarrased, although this picture I suppose could be better. Oh well. It's for posterity.)

My nephew Axton got so exited with this balloon--his hands and feet were shaking. It was way cute.
Thank you so much, to all of you who participated in the planning and pulling off of this event. Like I said, it means the world to me, and I haven't felt that loved in a long time. Everything was absolutely perfect--the food, the games, the company, and I couldn't have imagined a better party for me.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Traditional family project day

My mom has made an excellent blog post about this project, so I will put on different things. If you want to hear all about the extent of the work, you can read about it here.

Yesterday I had a fun time introducing Cody to my family's traditional Saturday project-days. I've tried to explain them to him in the past, but that can't compare to experiencing it first hand. Growing up, days like this were pretty common. We'd get up after sleeping in a little, then have a big, BIG breakfast as a family. Then, it was project time. Projects would be cleaning, gardening, yard work, building projects, canning, etc. (Yesterday's was building shelves in mom and dad's cellar.) Lunch would typically be on your own, or not at all, and then we'd end with a big, fancy dinner. This, I believe, is how I came to love cooking. We would get together in the kitchen as a family, or sometimes just the girls, and create a fantastic dinner. Around the table, we would gather and talk and laugh for an hour or more. Often we would ask "What would this meal cost at a fancy restaurant?" and then we'd have to note that we'd need to include gas money because no restaurant in our town would sell something that yummy... Also, my mom always has had a fantastic garden, and the fresh produce during the summer was so delicious that it taught us to love our vegetables. We were no strangers to variety and new foods, and because of which, none of us kids have been picky eaters, and all of us have turned out to be pretty good cooks.

Anyway, thanks mom and dad, for teaching us by example, and always giving us special and important jobs to do. I was always the one who complained the most (I willingly admit it!). But I thank you for your perseverance; it has taught me more than just how to plant a garden or build a shelf or can peaches. It's truly taught me the value of work, and how to enjoy an afternoon of work and play. I hope I can pass this on to my children too.

Friday, August 1, 2008

5 weeks

...until my due date, that is. I'm slowly working on my to-do list. So far this week I've cleaned the strollers, car seat, bouncer, and the baby swing. I've also packed up a big box of Lee's clothes he's outgrown. We're trying to convert Lee's old room back into a nursery. We've moved him into the back room, with his dresser and bed. The nursery still has his toys and the changing table, though hopefully I only have a few months of 2 kids in diapers before it's potty training time.

As far as I go, I'm so excited it's August! This has kind of been a mental check-point for me; now I'm in the last month of this pregnancy. It's getting really hard, bordering on impossible, to bend over or lift heavy things any more, which makes normal cleaning harder and harder. Fortunately, I have a fantastic husband who has been very patient and helpful, and who cleans up for me quite often.

Now, a game Lee invented. Can you find the crackers (little teddy grahams)? I'll give you a hint, there's 4 total in this picture, and one is in his hands. I suppose there might be more in his mouth.