Friday, August 29, 2008

My new plan

After a couple days of being bummed about not going into labor (bummed is a mild word), last night I asked Cody to tell me something comforting. What he said helped remind me of all the good things that are happening right now. So, I've come up with a new plan to help me avoid depression and keep things in perspective. I'm going to constantly remind myself of the following:

I am excited to meet Annalisa!
I am excited to see if she has black hair, like I imagine her, or if it is a different color (or bald).
I am excited to see my toes again.
I am excited to bend over and pick something up off the floor without grunting.
I am excited to see how Lee handles a little sister--for better or worse.
I am excited to no longer be pregnant.
I am excited to be a mother again, and re-experience babyhood.
I am excited to post pictures of Annalisa in forty different outfits.
I am excited to drive my new car.
I am excited to eat the lasagna in my freezer.
I am excited to PUT Annalisa in forty different outfits.
I am excited to learn the differences between boys and girls--for better or worse.
I am excited to have bottled tomatoes from my garden.
I am excited for more funny laughing moments with my childREN.
I am excited for the quiet, calm moments, however far between they are.

See, I have a lot to look forward to, that will happen whether or not I go into labor on my own. Now, to take a page from Bridget's book: 13 days until my last-possible induction date!


Laurie/Mom/Grandma said...

And just think of all the great things you can do in those days you're waiting - you'll have all your carpets cleaned! ;)

Kathy said...

Here's an idea I just read in one of my pregnancy books: "To hurry her labor, the Klamath Indian woman would tell her baby that a rattlesnake was coming to bit it if it did not hurry out of the womb"

Course, you don't want to scar it for life. Maybe that's why people have an innate and unlearned fear of snakes...