Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Pregnancy non-update

OK, I had a nice long post written about how horrible I'm feeling, but I've discarded it to spare you all. Suffice it to say, I went to the doctor today. I've barely progressed, so now instead of a "tight 1" I'm at a "loose 1." The doctor then all but scheduled my induction. He told Cody, in regards to my chances of starting labor, that "Nothing's certain in this business, but..." I've been wanting so badly to go into labor on my own that this was a real blow. I've been crying pretty much since I got home.

So, you can relax and not worry about checking this blog for a while to find out if I've had the baby. I don't think I will be giving birth for a couple more weeks. In the meantime, I'd appreciate any prayers in my behalf, especially those for my mental and emotional comfort. This is turning out a lot harder than I'd hoped for.

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