Sunday, August 3, 2008

Traditional family project day

My mom has made an excellent blog post about this project, so I will put on different things. If you want to hear all about the extent of the work, you can read about it here.

Yesterday I had a fun time introducing Cody to my family's traditional Saturday project-days. I've tried to explain them to him in the past, but that can't compare to experiencing it first hand. Growing up, days like this were pretty common. We'd get up after sleeping in a little, then have a big, BIG breakfast as a family. Then, it was project time. Projects would be cleaning, gardening, yard work, building projects, canning, etc. (Yesterday's was building shelves in mom and dad's cellar.) Lunch would typically be on your own, or not at all, and then we'd end with a big, fancy dinner. This, I believe, is how I came to love cooking. We would get together in the kitchen as a family, or sometimes just the girls, and create a fantastic dinner. Around the table, we would gather and talk and laugh for an hour or more. Often we would ask "What would this meal cost at a fancy restaurant?" and then we'd have to note that we'd need to include gas money because no restaurant in our town would sell something that yummy... Also, my mom always has had a fantastic garden, and the fresh produce during the summer was so delicious that it taught us to love our vegetables. We were no strangers to variety and new foods, and because of which, none of us kids have been picky eaters, and all of us have turned out to be pretty good cooks.

Anyway, thanks mom and dad, for teaching us by example, and always giving us special and important jobs to do. I was always the one who complained the most (I willingly admit it!). But I thank you for your perseverance; it has taught me more than just how to plant a garden or build a shelf or can peaches. It's truly taught me the value of work, and how to enjoy an afternoon of work and play. I hope I can pass this on to my children too.

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Laurie/Mom/Grandma said...

I guess I did something right - but I'll never forget the day we moved dirt (in Minot) and you accused us of child abuse. Of course, we were moving a lot more dirt than you were.

The picture of me hugging Cody is priceless. I am SO GRATEFUL for your help!!

And, Lee was a great bean snapping helper! He's learning fast about the joy of work. You're doing it right.