Thursday, September 18, 2008

Hello, Toes!

Happy 1 week birthday, Annalisa! It's interesting how my mind has created a whole new life with the baby here. It's like there's this line between having 2 kids and being pregnant. I'm sure anyone with children understands.

I'm happy to announce that I can see my toes! I can bend over! My back and hips don't ache any more! Yay! Of course, my arms are fuller, but I am much, much happier now that Annalisa is out. I've been marveling at the miracle of a healthy baby. Truly the Lord blessed me with the miracles I needed, not the ones I asked for. I wanted to get pregnant shortly after we started trying, not 9 months later (which is what happened). But then I viewed this pregnancy as a miracle, rather than just a pregnancy. I wanted to go into labor on my own. But the Lord instead gave me a much quicker and far easier and uncomplicated labor, which has taught me that I am not a "broken" woman. On top of it all, I have a beautiful, healthy baby who is a champion nurser (sorry if you're offended by that). YES! I'm no longer pregnant.

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Melanie said...

Yay for toes. And cute babies with darling little long fingers. She's adorable!