Thursday, September 11, 2008

Labor Update

10:12 Mr. Darcy just proposed his unduying love to Elizabeth. Next DVD....

11:50 No doctor yet. Contractions are getting stronger and she is having to breath heaver now. It hurts her for a few seconds and then it is over for another few minouts.

12:29 Lisa is sitting on a birthing ball, which seems to help. Contractions are deffinatly more strong. Grandma and Lee are expected to show up for lunch soon.

12:49 The epideral was just placed. It was not as hard as the first time with Lee, but it did take two tries. Lisa was a champ and hung in very well with it. Mom F and Lee just showed up; Lisa is happy to see them.

1:02 The doctor just checked, and Lisa is at a 5 and 90 percent efaced. Much faster than the first time. We are trying to get the monitor that goes on the baby's head on, but it is not staying...he just put in the second one and it is working now.

2:38 Now the movie is over! What are we going to do? Lisa has thrown up a few times. Right now she is feeling pretty good, but having pretty consistant contractions. They do have Lisa on oxygen and they had turned off and on the pitocin to keep contractions where they want them. She accidently pulled out the oxygen just bairly which made a huge hissing sound and also scaired me half to death. I am much more relaxed with this labor than with Lee's.

2:47 The nurse just checked Lisa...they said she is at a 9 to 9 and a half. about a half an hour before delivary preperations. wow! It is comming fast now. Wish us luck.

3:00 PM The nuses just got switched out. Baby's heart rate is at 150. usually it has been about 135 or so. The delivary table has been brought in. Lisa is just lying on the bed waiting now.

3:11 Lisa is feeling a lot of pressure down there. She is having hart burn so she would like to take a tums. I think she is worried why no nerses are in here helping her and I am just sitting here typing. Our nurses name is Wendi.

3:15 we are pushing for the first time now. we are pushing for the first time now.


Shay said...

Yeah, that's a great labor update... lol

Shay said...

p.s. Keep going, Lisa! Your almost there!!! ^_^

(not even sure if you'll see this til after... but im keeping updated and thinking of you ^_^)

Melanie said...

This is getting intense! Prayers are with you, Lisa!

Sara said...

Yay for Mr. Darcy! are they married yet? haha You rock Lisa!

Laurie/Mom/Grandma said...

Lee came home and went right to sleep after seeing his mom and dad. He's been terrific. Lisa, you're doing great! Keep up the good work. You're already so much better than last time. Last time it was almost 24 hours before the epidural went in. You're 20 hours ahead of last time!

Angeli said...

Every time the phone rings I jump! This is going much faster. Way to go Lisa!

Laurie/Mom/Grandma said...

Weeha! You go girl. Keep up that pushing.