Friday, September 5, 2008

Lee's sympathy pains

Lee is trying to sympathize with me. I appreciate his efforts.

Meanwhile, here's my daily check-in. Still here, still pregnant. Today I'm going to work on laundry and cleaning the bathroom. I had them done for the "last time" a week ago, and now they have to be done again. Cody's mowing the lawn. Again, same story.

Here's a cool thing you can check out: I've also put a link in my "Quick Links" section to your right. My dad is the director of the CPD (Center for Persons with Disabilities) and has finished putting together this fun game. It's a trivia-style game, meant to help increase fact recall, vocabulary, and test taking skills. As you play, money is earned for scholarships and other CPD projects. Cody's also helping the CPD right now find sponsors for the game, so you can see 2 men-in-my-life's work in action.