Wednesday, October 29, 2008

What the?

What do you do when your child says "I want time-out, please!"?

Hopefully not in threes

After I posted yesterday about how life was better, I was all pumped up to make it a really good, really productive day, to make up for Monday. I finished feeding Annalisa and started the laundry. Lee, of course, promptly emptied my baskets of clean laundry all over the floor, so I went to help him clean it up. Just then, I stubbed my toe on the wall. hard. I think I might have broken it, or at least a bad sprain. That botched my day! All I can think is "GAA! I sure hope bad things don't happen in threes, because that's 2!" This morning my toe is still pretty tender, though it's not throbbing any more like it was all day yesterday.

Here's Lee saying a prayer. He's funny.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

A better morning. Yay!

As a stay at home mother, I feel it is important to celebrate all my successes, no matter how small. It's part of my never ending plan to avoid depression and anxiety. And, after my botched morning yesterday (see that unhappy post), I want to to let you know that life really is good, and that we are happy!

1) Annalisa slept from 10 until 6 last night, then went back to sleep until just now, at almost 10.
2) Lee just asked me if he could do the dusting. Granted, he only dusts about 1 foot off the ground, but it's better than nothing!
3) We are all dressed and fed. Amazing.
4) Cody got the garbage out before the truck came.
5) Look at these pictures. We live in a beautiful place, and I have 2 beautiful children and a wonderful husband.

Monday, October 27, 2008

A bad morning. Yuck.

I had this morning's seconds counted out, it was going to be so busy. I got up and used my mom's leaf blower on our front lawn until she arrived and we went walking. All was well. I came in and immediately cut up 5 lbs of potatoes and defrosted 2 lbs of hamburger to make a big double batch of Shepherd's pie. We had a man in our ward die last week, and the funeral coordinator had asked me to bring a casserole. I spent 45 minutes making all this Shepherd's pie, one for the funeral and one for us. Meanwhile, Annalisa suddenly decided she didn't feel very good and was crying inconsolably. I would rush and put something in the pan, stir once or twice, and then go try to nurse Anna or pat her back or something. Lee then got into the bathroom and all of my things, so I had to chase after him and make him put down the plunger. Cody then came up and announced it was time to pay bills, and wanted me to write out 3 checks. So, I quickly finished the Shepherd's pie, and with Anna crying in the background and Lee grumping through a major 2-year-old tantrum I wrote out the checks and prepared the bills. I needed to get to the grocery store to buy pumpkin, which I had forgotten to purchase last week, and I needed for the pancakes I promised to make this afternoon. SO, I planned to take the bills, the casserole, and the kids out to run errands. I decided to eat before I left, so I broke into our portion of the Shepherd's pie and wolfed it down, burning my throat. Annalisa almost fell asleep, but just as I was putting the foil on the top of the Shepherd's pie, she woke up howling again. Lee was wearing his life jacket from swimming this summer and did NOT want to take it off, but I had to get it off of him to get in the car. I took it off and then he was howling as well. I strapped the crying baby in her carseat, she fortunately settled down a bit, and then I put Lee's shoes on. He was extremely grumpy now, and fiddled while I was tying his shoes. I went outside with the hot casserole in my hands and Lee in front of me, and he was so mad he hauled off and kicked one of my acorn squashes down the steps. I barked at him, now thoroughly annoyed, set down the casserole and grabbed Lee's arm to take him down the steps and rescue the squash...when--as if in slow motion--the glass 13x9 pan of Shepherd's pie fell from it's precarious perch and crashed to the cement driveway below, leaving a puddle of scorching hot potatoes, beans, beef, dead leaves, and shattered glass.

That's when I lost it. I howled out and started sobbing, which scared Lee more, and he started crying too. Cody came barreling up the stairs from his office to find me and Lee a crying mess and my hour and half of work shattered all over the driveway steps. He took Lee in while I started cleaning up the destroyed casserole. I came back in, scavanged together the fixings for a second casserole including a new pan. Cody fed Lee lunch (the other half of the Shepherd's pie, which I couldn't take because I'd already eaten from it) while I made an odd take on "Dad's famous casserole", using gold fish crackers on top because I had nothing else. Fortunately, Anna fell asleep for good then, and Lee calmed down, and I was able to just take Lee on my errands outing.

Things are better now; Lee had a good nap and Annalisa isn't crying any more. I got the casserole-part-2 to the funeral, to the store, and the bills delivered. I came home and made the pumpkin pancakes. Someday I'll probably look back and laugh. I just hope the family liked the casserole, and that they prefer tuna and noodles over Shepherd's pie.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Pictures from the Parade

We didn't get thwomped yesterday. Just lost, a devastating last-second-field-goal loss. :P

But, to cheer me up, here are some more pictures from the parade yesterday.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Funny movies to fill your Saturday Afternoon

How about a nice round of goofy Lee movies? I know you're just dying in anticipation...

Playing at Grandma's house. She has the most wonderful things there.

Today is Utah State University's homecoming. GO AGGIES! Rather than going to watch our Ag's get thwomped by Fresno tonight, we decided to show our spirit at the parade. We all dressed up in our Aggie True Blue, and went with lots of family as weird as us. Our only rule at a parade is this: cheer for everyone. It was good times. Lee danced to anything and everything that had music, and was duly afraid of the loud fire trucks. He clapped and cheered the whole time, saying "Go Aggies!" We got lots of cool free stuff too--lots of candy and fliers, but also a football, a t-shirt, a foam cow, and even a bowl of Aggie Ice cream-yum!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Lee is slightly less abstract.

Can you Guess?

Alrighty, who can guess what Annalisa is for Halloween? This is her in her "costume," front and back. Mom F, no guessing for you because I told you while we were walking.

P.S.--ignore the white pants. They should be yellow, but Anna doesn't have any yellow pants. BTW, that's also a hint.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Harvest dinner

Cody raved about my newest recipe: Harvest-stuffed Acorn squash. I made it for dinner, using what I had on hand. This recipe serves 2 people. It was probably all the better because of the homegrown squash and the freshly picked apple off of the tree in the back yard.

Harvest stuffed Acorn Squash

1 large or 2 small acorn squash, halved and seeded

3 strips of bacon

3 green onions

1 golden delicious apple

¼ tsp salt

¼ tsp pepper

3 tbsp olive oil

1 tsp cinnamon

¼ cup brown sugar

Cut the bacon into small pieces and cook until the edges start getting crispy. Chop the onions and apple into a fine dice. Drain the bacon, and mix with the onion, apple, seasonings, oil, and brown sugar. Pack into the empty cavity of the seeded acorn squash. Put squash in a baking dish, cover with foil, and bake at 350 for 1 ½ hours, or until the squash is very tender.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Corn Mazin'

Yesterday we went to the Heritage Center, where they had all kinds of fun activities, including a corn maze. We went with Ryan and Bridget and kids, and we had a great time. Annalisa slept the entire time in the stroller, and Lee enjoyed thumping around with his cousins, who are older and wiser. ;)

Friday, October 17, 2008

A Serenade

Well, time for a baby update. Annalisa is now 5 weeks old, believe it or not. After the pregnancy dragged on forever, it's like I'm playing catchup now, and time is flying by. Her dark newborn hair is, unfortunately, falling out on top. Don't tell him I said this, but it makes her look like her daddy. :) She is learning how to be happy and play and look at things, and doesn't need to be appeased constantly. Sort of. She is a beautiful baby and we love her! Lee loves her too. He says "Can I hold it?" and "I want Anna" often. He also likes getting in her face and saying "Hi Anna, Hi!" and if she spits up, he says "Oh no, Spit!" and runs and gets a towel. If I don't clean it up quick enough, he will do it for me. (yikes!) He also asks Anna if she has a burp ("Burp, Anna? Burp?) or a stinky diaper ("Pee-yew, bipers"). It is lots of fun to watch them together. Annalisa likes to watch her big brother, and is just starting to show the first signs of smiles--the kind where you're not sure if it's a smile or not, so you say it is to make you happy.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Cakes and calculators

Thank you, Raychel, for sharing your delicious chocolate cupcakes with us! Lee, as you can tell, thoroughly enjoyed his. Uncle Matthew, the rest of this movie is mostly for you.

Breakfast at our House

So, I showed you bedtime. Here's breakfast.

Today, my head hurts. I have a sleep deprivation headache, and have for a while now. But I pushed it aside this morning to do some cleaning. First thing I did was pick up some of Annalisa's clothes that Lee had got out. While singing "Clean-up, Clean-up!" to encourage Lee to help me, I wasn't watching what I was doing and leaned over to put the clothing away, and I whacked my head really hard on the dresser. I fell over in pain, clutching my head and sobbing. Lee just looked at me funny and went to go play some more. So now my slight headache from a hard weekend has turned into a splitting-ice-and-ibuprofen headache. At least I learned that we should probably teach Lee about how to get help if mommy or daddy is injured. I think I'll try to go take a nap now, or maybe eat some food. Needless to say, the cleaning will wait another day.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Sleep, Glorious Sleep!

The most wonderful thing happened last night: Annalisa slept from midnight to seven. Yay! I'm certain this will not be habit for a while, but to know that she now can sleep through the night, means that here and there we will get the glorious all-nighters that rejuvenate parents and make you feel like getting up in the morning. Last night was a good night to do it too, since it was a tough enough night for me to begin with. Believe it or not, she is now 1 month old and is cute as can be. We love our little girl and having her in our home. And just FYI, we will be having her baby blessing on November 2. You can email me or call me for more details.

Friday, October 10, 2008


This is mostly so you can see how good Lee's language skills are getting. And so you can laugh. That's partly why you check this blog, right? Right now, Lee is running around in circles yelling "Peaches!" I have no clue why.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Bedtime at our house

Annalisa is wearing her Grandma F. jammies! They're our favorite. She's still a wee bit small for them, but the second we can get them to stay on and not swallow her, we wear them as long as we can. After we are all ready for bed, she likes to stay up and play, (mostly eat and cry) until late at night, or even early morning. Cody and I have come up with a pretty good switching-off routine that gets us both adequate sleep at night.

Lee is "winding down" before bed time. I think he takes after me and goes Super-Nova. That's what my parents used to call it when I'd go crazy running around the house, then climb in bed and be out in a few seconds.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Calming down

Lee cutting a rug.

Life around here is settling down a little down here. We're just as busy as ever, but the routine is getting more familiar. Cody works all day and I work with the kids. Monday night is FHE and Heroes, and Thursday is Smallville/CSI night. Annalisa is growing up super fast, and Lee is learning new things every day. He's taken a sudden, and very strong, liking to Apple Juice. When going through the colors of Grandma's thread yesterday as she was quilting, there was blue, green, orange, and apple juice (red)! He is also learning about Halloween, with punkins, wishes (witch), and waaars (scary skull). I'm going to have to get the camera out more often, because I keep running low on funny things to post. Pretty soon, though, Anna will be doing cute things too and you'll start getting double laughs.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Pre-frost harvest

Look at these cute mini red peppers!

With a winter storm warning this weekend for high elevations, I decided it was time to do the pre-frost harvest from our garden. I'm not sure if it will freeze this low in elevation, but better safe than sorry, right? So this morning I went out and got the herbs and peppers. I can honestly say that our garden was a huge success this year, and it has been lots of fun. The black plastic and bunny manure really helped. And the cantaloupe turned to zucchini, then to spaghetti squash, then finally to pumpkins. (we never really knew what it was.)This looks like a strange wad of hair, but is actually a giant mass of Thyme. And below is the basil.

Today is General Conference! Wohoo! My favorite. It was 4 years ago during the first Sunday session that Cody and I held hands for the first time and started dating. aawww...

Friday, October 3, 2008

I love my family

Have I mentioned we have such good, cute kids?

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Gorgeous and Disgusting

This Monday we had Family Home Evening up the Canyon. We're fortunate enough to live a mere mile from one of the top 10 places in the United States to see fall colors. Seriously, it was ranked that by some magazine. (Probably like my dad's WAG surveys, but it's good enough for me :D ). We try to get up the canyon whenever we can, but just like my sister in California has a hard time getting to the beach, we have a hard time getting up the canyon. It was a real treat to take our dinner up there and enjoy the crisp fall air, the gorgeous reds, oranges, and bright yellows in the trees, and hear the crickets chirruping. We took some pictures, but the sun was setting and our camera didn't pick it up very well. Take my word for it, it was beautiful.

Now for the disgusting part. I can't seem to take a shower any more, or at least when I do, bad things happen. I've come out to find Lee sitting in Anna's crib, almost on top of her, or dumping a box of cereal on the ground. Today was the worst, and it's ranked #2 worst messes Lee's ever made: he took off his diaper and pooped on the floor, then walked through it, then dragged a laundry basket through it. Just in case you were wondering, worst mess #1 is still when he got out an old jar of rancid bacon grease and smeared it all over the kitchen carpet and cabinets, in his clothes and hair. The house reeked for days after that. At least I kept my cool this time and only put him in the bathtub while I cleaned up, not in time-out (the bathtub was all I could think of to contain the poop still between his toes).