Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Breakfast at our House

So, I showed you bedtime. Here's breakfast.

Today, my head hurts. I have a sleep deprivation headache, and have for a while now. But I pushed it aside this morning to do some cleaning. First thing I did was pick up some of Annalisa's clothes that Lee had got out. While singing "Clean-up, Clean-up!" to encourage Lee to help me, I wasn't watching what I was doing and leaned over to put the clothing away, and I whacked my head really hard on the dresser. I fell over in pain, clutching my head and sobbing. Lee just looked at me funny and went to go play some more. So now my slight headache from a hard weekend has turned into a splitting-ice-and-ibuprofen headache. At least I learned that we should probably teach Lee about how to get help if mommy or daddy is injured. I think I'll try to go take a nap now, or maybe eat some food. Needless to say, the cleaning will wait another day.

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