Saturday, October 4, 2008

Pre-frost harvest

Look at these cute mini red peppers!

With a winter storm warning this weekend for high elevations, I decided it was time to do the pre-frost harvest from our garden. I'm not sure if it will freeze this low in elevation, but better safe than sorry, right? So this morning I went out and got the herbs and peppers. I can honestly say that our garden was a huge success this year, and it has been lots of fun. The black plastic and bunny manure really helped. And the cantaloupe turned to zucchini, then to spaghetti squash, then finally to pumpkins. (we never really knew what it was.)This looks like a strange wad of hair, but is actually a giant mass of Thyme. And below is the basil.

Today is General Conference! Wohoo! My favorite. It was 4 years ago during the first Sunday session that Cody and I held hands for the first time and started dating. aawww...

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