Monday, November 3, 2008

Blessing Annalisa

Such a special day, for such a special baby. Yesterday Annalisa received her name and blessing, in a peaceful ceremony at our ward. She was dressed in the beautiful white baby gown that my mother sewed for her daughters--the same dress I was blessed in when I was a baby. Sara beaded some white socks, and we used the afghan that Kathy crocheted for Lee's blessing. Cody took our little girl in his arms, and stood in a circle of her uncles, cousins, and grandfathers, and they gently rocked her as he pronounced beautiful and powerful blessings to be hers throughout her life: Blessings of love and to be a good example and of health; to choose the right and to feel the Holy Spirit guide her life.

What a day for a mother--a day of reflection and introspection. As I bathed her on Saturday night, I looked into those beautiful blue eyes and thought about Annalisa's future. I thought about those little hands as they will grow up and begin doing good; I thought about that little mouth as it will begin to speak and say important things. I thought about the good times ahead, and the tough times, but mostly how honored I am to be Annalisa Karin's mother. She has already brought so much joy, peace, and love into my life. I know that she will continue to bring the same joy, peace, and love, into the lives of everyone she acquaints with. She truly is one of our Father in Heaven's most choice spirits, and she will be a powerful influence for good in this world.


Kim said...

She is a beauty. What a precious daughter of our Heavenly Father! We were so sorry we couldn't be there. We had prior commitments in our own ward, but we were thinking of you all day! It sounds like your day was wonderful. These pictures are priceless, and what a wonderful tradition to be blessed in your blessing dress. What fun aunts she has to doll her up in fun socks and a gorgeous blanket! What a lucky mom you are to be surrounded by so many caring family members!

Sue said...

What a beautiful portrait of mom and daughter! I hope you are going to print and frame that one.

It sounds like it was a very special day and how wonderful to have those memories preserved through pictures and words.

Angeli said...

It was so fun to be there and to hold your precious children. We are so glad for you to be entrusted with these special little spirits.

*kare* said...

She is beautiful! I wish we could have come! Let us know the next time you guys are down here. We would love to see Annalisa and for you to see Garrett! His blessing will be on Dec 7th if you guys could make it that would be wonderful! See you soon!