Friday, November 28, 2008


Yesterday we went to Cody's family shindig for Thanksgiving day. It was a hoot. I have to say that my favorite were Kami's rolls, though all the food was tasty and the company unbeatable. I'm hoping Kami will also send me some pictures, because my poor camera remained safely unremembered in my car the whole time. :'( It was incredible to have the whole family there, even Crystal and Jared who just recently moved back to Utah, and Raychel and Paul (Raychel is GREAT with child). Lee adored playing with his cousins. They just swallowed him up with "Cousin Meetings" and other entertainment.

On the way to and from the party, on our 2 hour car ride, Lee wanted to sing songs. He would say "I want to sing song, please." Then we'd ask him what song he wanted to sing, and he'd pick one. "Twinkle, Star" "Moon" "Head-toes" "Quick Run!" "Wheels bus waa waa" "Cookie Monster" and "Bells" are all big favorites. Then we'd sing it. He is getting so incredibly smart! Now he asks us "What does a doggy say?" He really likes telling us what a tractor says.

If someone sends me pictures from T-day point two, I'll post them. If not, there you have it.


Karin said...

Oh, wow, how fun! We had a wonderful time at Rob and Sue's - too bad we couldn't transport ourselves and combine! I'm glad I have a niece who loves cooking so much, especially GF! I didn't as much as make the crusts for my GF pies - I bought them at Whole Foods to save time. So good job over there.


Angeli said...

Yeah for Thanksgiving! We did have a very thankful one. I liked the pies too. The jello was sooo good with the turkey and I had to try all the pies -- elderberry and pecan (my favorite).