Tuesday, November 11, 2008

What we've been up to

It's been a few days since I posted. I spent most of this weekend in my parent's basement, painting. These pictures are of the mural we're doing in the "Clubhouse"--the space under the stairs that will be dedicated to grandkids and fun. Since I took those pictures, more painting has been done. I will take extensive pictures when it is done (or when I finally give up working on it). As you can tell, it is a pond scene with ducks and frogs and a great big German Shorthair Pointer (Max!). In the back corner there is a waterfall and a stream going through a forest to a castle and little village. This project has been quite the undertaking--I'm already counting over 15 man hours on the painting alone, not including everything else. But it has been fun, and a good release for my creative side.

This will be a fun little hut for kids. Mom and Dad F. installed a light switch that is extra short for kids to turn on and off. Hopefully someday we can install a dutch door--you know, the kind that you can open just half of it. Until then, we're thinking a suspention curtain rod will do the trick. It is pretty cool! Kristin painted the castle yesterday, I worked on the dog and more scenery, and Sara did ducks, bunnies, and the French guard on top of the castle (Hilarious!). It's coming together, that's for sure.

Other things we've been doing this weekend--cleaning, playing at Grandma's house (especially while mom paints), and fun cooking.


Laurie/Mom/Grandma said...

It's been a blast. It's so fun to see how things are coming along.

Angeli said...

Beautiful! It is truly great to see the cat tails and mountains and dog and castle and ducks, how fun to be in that room. You are so cute. (and creative).