Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas Report (A Tremendous Post)

Happy Boxing Day! That's what the Canadians call the day after Christmas. We had a most terrific Christmas day yesterday.

We woke up to see what Santa brought. I never sleep well on Christmas. I thought this year I would be just fine, because there weren't many big surprises coming for me. But I had a nightmare that I'd got snowed in at a scrapbooking store and missed the kids waking up for Christmas morning, and after that I couldn't sleep any more. Annalisa woke up and ate, then promptly fell asleep again, so I took a long shower and then Cody and I went and got Lee at about 6 am.

Santa brought some great stuff! Lee got a Marbleworks Castle, Cody got USU sweats, I got a torte pan set, and Annalisa got a bunch of clothes and new binkies. When Lee pulled a candy cane out of his stocking, he exclamed "Ooh, Candy Cane! Thank you, Santa Claus!" Also, the first thing Lee grabbed was a little box of toy cars and trains. They were still in the packaging, and Cody said, "Hm, we'll have to get some scissors to open that." Then, Lee couldn't do another thing until he found the scissors. "Scissors? Where are you? Scissors!"

After we'd ripped through all the stockings and opened everything that Santa had brought, and Lee had spent plenty of time putting the marbles down the castle, it was time to open the gifts under the tree. Our tree was pulled forward slightly (not a big tree) and so there was a large space next to the couch, confined by the tree from the front, where we'd been storing all the gifts to keep them out of little finger's way. Lee climbed over the couch and jumped back there, would pop up with a gift, climb back over the couch, and into the middle of the living room to open his gifts. So funny!

Big exciting gifts were: an external harddrive for me, 1 TB!!, a beautiful purple baby quilt from Mom S. for Annalisa, a 6 generation photo frame from Dad S., of COURSE the dishwasher from Mom and Dad F., and a Wii Fit from the kids to the parents. Wahoo! Lee liked trying on all of his clothes when he opened them, and ended up with 3 shirts on. Cody played the Wii Fit for a total of 2 hours yesterday.

After gifts were opened, kids were dressed, and the wrapping paper was all put in the recycling outside, we packed up and went up to Mom and Dad's for the day. There we had more gifts to open, traditional Eggs Benedict for Christmas, lots of playing and lots of naps, and for dinner we did Cody's family's traditional "Jerusalem Dinner." We made traditional ancient-Jerusalem foods, then ate on the floor by candelight, eating with our fingers from communal dishes. It may not have been very authentic, but it definitely inspires introspection and wonder about the time of Christ, and who the people were like, what things they pondered, and what they thought of this baby sent to save mankind. It was lots of fun, but also a special moment.

It had been snowing all day (White Christmas!) but it was 35 degrees outside, so it wasn't sticking to the roads. Of course we waited until 7 to leave, and when we went out to the car, a real blizzard had picked up and it took us 15 minutes of revving, shoveling sand, fishtailing, and praying to get up the hill outside mom and dad's house. From there it was smooth sailing, though the roads were a mess and visibility was next to none. Crazyness! But we live in a dry area, and the winter snow is so crucial to our ecosystem, that we can't complain. This morning dawned bright blue skies and sunshine on a gorgeous snow encrusted valley, that sparkles and shines like a world made Clean.

We enjoyed our Christmas celebrations, especially the moments that help us remember Jesus Christ, our Savior and King. We express our gratitude to you, our friends and family, as we remember the humble birth of a baby that changed the world forever, for Good.

Merry Christmas!


Angeli said...

Merry Christmas too! Looks like you were found by that jolly old elf. We miss you. Love MOM

Laurie/Mom/Grandma said...

You said it all so well. I can just link up to this. Merry Christmas!