Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Santa Claus + Lee = funnies

We, of course have been teaching our little 2 1/2 year old son about Santa Claus this year. At Thanksgiving he was a bit nervous about this large man in a bright red suit with way more than normal hair. But he slowly warmed up to the idea as we practiced sitting on Santa's lap and asking for what he would like.

Uncle Matthew taught Lee to say "I want a Baby Brother!" We fortunately got that straightened out. Sort of.

As was exemplified by this morning's movie, we are singing lots of Christmas Carols, and Lee often exclaims "Santa Claus is coming to town!"

According to the grand tradition of many parents, whenever Lee starts acting up, we remind him that Santa is watching and that he needs to be a good boy. I remember this being so effective for me when I was a kid. Maybe it wasn't. But Lee hasn't quite grasped the concept yet.

The funniest things happened this morning. Lee woke up and looked out the window, and "What to his wondering eyes should appear," but 5 deer walking around and grazing in our back yard! He said "Hi Reindeer! Good morning!" He was certain that Santa had come, and that the Reindeer had got loose. He's been checking out the window all day for Santa (currently he's knocking on the window saying "Santa Claus! Where'd Santa Claus go, mommy? Need a hug?") and the Reindeer to come back.

Cody, trying to get Lee even more excited for Christmas, decided to look up some pictures online for him to look at. Poor Cody has never been the best speller, though, and looked up Google images of "Santa Claus Slay". Let's just say it was a tad inappropriate for 2 year old boys.

And lastly, Lee was playing with his toy cell phone and I...um...well, he got a hold of Santa! I had him talk on Cody's cell while I "Doodled around upstairs" and Lee had a fantastic conversation with Santa, telling him he'd been a good boy, that he wanted presents, and that he would make cookies. He became very distraught when Santa had to go feed his Reindeer. (Thank heavens we have unlimited minutes on our cell phone, because Lee's been using them today!) The only way I could console him was to leave a long message on Santa's answering machine, and then to make him cookies. Imaginary cookies, that is, and Lee's been adding lots of things to his bowl like salt and pepper, cheese, cabop, and then he stirs it up and we taste. Even Annalisa has got to try it.

Today is Christmas Adam, Tomorrow is Christmas Eve, and then finally Santa will come!

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