Thursday, December 18, 2008

So Cool, this gets 2 posts

Finishing my story from yesterday:

The dishwasher installer came late yesterday afternoon. Cody had removed the cabinet shelf that was in the spot because it had been mounted too low. The installer came in, looked at the empty spot and under the sink at our 50 year old plumbing. He was a nice man, so please take everything else I'm about to say with a grain of salt, or maybe a large rock of salt. Anyway, he had to call up his buddy and get another opinion, so he spends about 10 minutes on the webcam conference with him, looking at it and scheming the most difficult way to install this dishwasher. He tells me he's going to need to install a new outlet, run a new drain line which includes cutting into our stainless steel pipes, and hook up a new hot water faucet. Also, he'll have to remount an entire cabinet, and that none of this work can be done today. He said he would work up a bid because of the custom install and get back to me in a few days. He didn't want to haul the dishwasher around, so he left it on my front porch.

Cody comes home a few hours later, excited to see if the new dishwasher is working. I let him know that we're in for a tricky installation, and Cody climbs under the sink and shows me the drain hookup that's already there, the hot water tap, and the electric plug. Why the installer tried to pull the wool over my eyes is still a question, but he lost himself $100 by trying to do it! Cody went to Lowe's, bought $20 worth of parts, and cancelled the installer's return. He spent about half an hour last night working on it and an hour or so this morning--the hardest part was remounting the cabinet 2 inches higher, but the actual installation was a snap.

Now, my new dishwasher (thanks again, mom and dad!) is running its first load of dirty dishes. I'm so excited about it! We'll save my commentary on servicemen who try to take advantage of young, inexperienced women for a later day.


Kami Sheffer's Blog said...

YEAH!!!! I bet you're soo excited!!!

Laurie/Mom/Grandma said...

We'll just say that maybe the installer was too picky. Meanwhile enjoy your clean kitchen!

Kathy said...

Did your landlords have any concerns and will you have to leave it behind when you move? I'm excited you have it for all your Christmas cooking!

Angeli said...

What a great gift. You will sure enjoy it. The installer sure has a lot of confidence. When we were building our Riverton house he was age 4, his nose was right next to the plumbers hand watching his every move. He must have picked something up from somewhere. Way to go Cody. MOM