Monday, January 26, 2009

Strange, Random Trivia about our family

Here are some things I bet you never knew about us:

*Whenever I (Lisa) drive through a yellow light, I always kiss my hand and hit the ceiling for good luck. Weird, huh.

*Since I was little, my siblings and I have always had this compulsion to read out loud signs that have lights burned out, without the missing letters. Or if a sign is misspelled, we have to read it the way it is written exactly. Like the other day I drove past "Golde Corr," there's a "Pa Da E Ress" by my favorite grocery store, and we had our "Dinning Canopy" which we liked to take camping.

*The night Cody and I met, he sat down with a miniature guitar that had lost all the tension in the springs, so they wouldn't hold tune. He sang me "In a little cafe on the other side of the border..." I couldn't tell if he just didn't know the guitar was out of tune, or if he wasn't playing the chords right, and I struggled with if I should tell him or not. In later months I realized he really did know how to play the guitar.

*Cody likes to ride a scooter. It's a little children's push scooter, and he can go pretty fast on it. Around campus for a while he was known as "Scooter Boy."

*And Annalisa just woke up! Ta ta for now.

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