Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Who can refuse cute kid pictures?

Now that I've caught your attention...

I wanted to write a little today about an amazing person I know. I got to visit her for a bit today, and I walked away so uplifted and inspired that I wanted to pass it on to you. Her name is Karon, and I visit teach her. A few months ago, right before Thanksgiving, Karon got a cold, and with it came a nasty cough. She couldn't get rid of it, and finally went to the doctor. They couldn't find a reason for her bad cough, so they decided to do a chest x-ray. That's when she found out that she had stage 4 lung cancer, which had also spread to her liver and her bones, and at this point is incurable.

When we visited Karon in December, it was right before she started her treatments. She was happy and refused to let this disease rule her life. Now, as she's almost two months into chemotherapy, she's lost her hair, but otherwise I couldn't tell a difference. I know she's extremely fortunate to have so few side effects, but the biggest thing that has kept her going is plastered on her face: her smile. She absolutely refuses to feel down or to let the gravity of her situation bother her. She said, "I do not fear death, for I have faith in God and in Jesus Christ. It is that faith that keeps me happy, and gives me something to live for."

I want to be like her.


Granny D Fifield said...

Thanks you for sharing this experience. We all need a reminder like this regularly.

Angeli said...

That is very nice and I am grateful for people like Karon who help us all come closer to the Savior with her faith and testimony. Thanks for sharing MOM