Thursday, February 19, 2009

Long overdue pictures

Cool pictures, captions above.

Pizza night! We're trying to have these less often, but sometimes it just happens. As you can see, Lee doesn't mind.
Annalisa, 5 months old, striking a pose in her adorable jacket Great-Grandma Voneta sent her. (we have more than one Great-Grandma S.)
Once there was a snowman...The gloves are ears. Lee, Cody, and Anna built him while mommy was out visiting teaching. It was an important reminder for me that the kids really do have a good time with daddy when I'm gone.
I love her blue eyes! Anna makes these flirty, smily faces whenever we put her in her high chair and look at her. This is why she hasn't had any rice cereal yet, because if we try to feed her, she just sits there and smiles and coos and doesn't eat. Funny girl.
Wow, unflattering picture. That's Annalisa, zonked out on my lap. Me on my birthday. moving on.
Aaah, I love these kids! They're both so cute! And so drooly.
Kind of a fun picture of Lee in the bright morning sunshine.
Lee: a self portrait.


Kami Sheffer's Blog said...

Adorable stuff there!! Looks like soo much fun!

Laurie/Mom/Grandma said...

I love the one of Lee's nostrils. Great self portrait!

Angeli said...

Oh, you are beautiful droolly, blue eyed beauties

Debbie said...

I was sure I had seen another identical rendition of a snow-dog somewhere, but this is the first time I've visited your blog. Then it hit me... I've walked past the original in your yard more than once. Duh!