Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Adventures with Anna

Annalisa is now rolling over, 360 degrees. She can also kind of sit up, if you lean her forward on her hands a little. When she's on her belly she holds her head up high, and sometimes even pulls up her tummy. She is also the world's biggest flirt and loves flashing her baby blues at anyone that will talk to her.

Kind of a funny thing. Annalisa is a breastfed baby. Every now and then Lee will play with his Bear and sit down on the couch. Bear will then cry "Waah-I-waah-want-waah-milk!" (Annalisa apparently also says this when she cries.) Then Lee holds Bear against his tummy and will sit there for several minutes until Bear is done "eating." I'm not encouraging this behavior, but I don't want Lee to think it's wrong. After all, that is how babies eat, right?

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