Friday, March 20, 2009

And...We're back

We're home from our vacation now. It was needed, and I feel refreshed. Now I need the vacation from the vacation, where I can just take a few days to clean, put things away, and go to the grocery store.

Here's more pictures, and movies, of our week away.

The "Bare Naked!" comment is an inside family joke. One of Cody's nieces was riding a horse bareback, and called to her mom, "Look! I'm riding a horse bare naked!"

Now the Lisa rambling; I won't be offended if you want to skip it. However, I use this blog as a journal as much as anything, and I want to record my thoughts.

This vacation was a needed break. I learned a lot about myself. I have troubles letting go and letting things happen as they happen. I want to plan everything, make sure the kids are 100% safe, and it makes my heart ache to hear them cry. Because of this characteristic of mine, I had a hard time being away from home. I had a hard time when Lee would get muddy hands or dirty pants, or go for more than half an hour without blowing his nose. I had a hard time when Annalisa cried in the back seat and we weren't at an appropriate place to stop for me to nurse her. But I also learned my kids could survive it, and more importantly, they could thrive. Lee was totally in his element, and I feel proud of my little boy. He is a BOY. He got dirty; he scraped his elbows; he did some dangerous things like riding an untrained horse. And it was OK.

I did get what I needed from this vacation. I filled my heart with happy little moments--some captured in the photos above--when I received the satisfaction and the peace that comes from being a mother. As I watched my boys walk hand in hand, daddy explaining things to I watched Annalisa learn to crawl and discover the I heard Lee sing "I love you, a Bushel and a Peck" to his I witnessed the miracle of life and my beautiful children take it all in.... Yes, these are the treasures of a mother's heart, and this, this, is why I chose to be a mother. So I could feel the joy of these tender little lives as they reach out and enter the world around them.

Thanks again, Mom and Dad, for helping us to slow down our hectic lives for just a few days, and helping me remember how short life really is.

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Angeli said...

It was such a fine visit. The bare naked rider? Which neice said that? That is so funny. I think we needed your visit too. We grew an attachment to those little kids that can only be caught in our short lifetime through the moments we can spend together. Thanks for the moving thoughts and words. We love you