Monday, March 2, 2009

Book Report

I like to read. When I find a good book, I don't just read it, I devour it. That's what I did this weekend. My dad loaned me the book Marley & Me by John Grogan, which has recently been made into a film starring Owen Wilson and Jennifer Aniston. I haven't seen the movie, but I loved the book. I laughed, then cried, then laughed harder, then cried harder. Overall, it was a day and a half's read full of emotion.

Cody loves it when I read. And for good reason too: when I get sucked into a novel, a big change comes over me. I firstly feel guilty for spending my day balled on the couch, nursing and reading, so I become overly affectionate and grateful to Cody for holding down the fort while I slip away into Neverland. Then, second, the mental stimulation reading brings excites my creativity, which has a tendency to then explode in great gobs all over whatever I attempt, usually bringing about very good results. I want to cook, write, change my haircut, try new things, and I become generally excited about life and the world I live in.

So, finishing this book last night has now sent me into creative-frenzy mode. I have come up with about eighty blogging topics, and I have finally stumbled past my writer's block and can get back to the story I'm working on. Maybe my food blog will get a new post sometime soon. I want to sit down at the piano and play, or perhaps sew a quilt for Lee's bed. Who knows? It's amazing what reading can do!

PS, the book was a good one too, you should read it! Any suggestions for my next reading adventure?


Melanie said...

Have you heard of I love it--that's where I find out of great books to read next, and it holds my to-read-next list. Check it out (and become my friend so we can share good reads!).

Also, your post reminds me of a little video clip I just saw today. I think you'll like it: Go to and push on the "CREATE" video.

And I can't wait to read/see all those posts of your new cooking/sewing/hair cut adventures. :)

Lydia said...

Wow, if I got creative and affectionate after reading, maybe Kyle would like it when I got sucked in too.

I enjoyed reading all 13 of the "Series of Unfortunate Events" books. They're all at the library. They're interesting, thought provoking, have a silly sense of humor, and are fun. Even though they're written for kids, I think adults can get a lot out of them.

Sara said...

yay! good book, can I have it next? I think it's actually mine... :)

Debbie said...

You're welcome to come browse my personal library - any time. (I have the Series of Unfortunate Events, among others.)