Tuesday, March 3, 2009

The Gospel According to Lee

Cody: Tonight our lesson is about choosing the right. Mom, do you make choices?
Lisa: Yes.
Lee: I want to go swimming, too!
Cody: I make choices. Lee, do you make choices?
Lee: Nope, I want to go swimming!
Lisa: Lee, you make choices, huh.
Lee: Yeah.
Cody: We want to make good choices so we can be like...
Lisa and Cody: Jesus Christ.
Lee: Name of Jesus Christ, AMEN!
Cody: Jesus Christ always made right choices, because He was...
Lee: A Snowman!

We clarified the snowman issue and bore testimony. And then Lee got to go swimming.


Sara said...

I have such a cute Nephew!! what great pictures and quotes! :D

nicole said...

haha what a cutie!

Angeli said...

The 2 year old mind! He has so many good kid reasons. I'm glad he has such great parents too.

Nikki said...

So funny! I read this earlier when I was pumping and not hands-free. So I had to come back and comment. I love it. That sounds a lot like our lessons.