Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Music of My Life

I got tagged by my good friend Aubri, and since I'm not one to pass up an opportunity to post, and I'd been scrounging for something to blab about, here we go.

Pick one album you remember the most about every 5 years of your life and tell us why its important to you.

0-5: Holst The Planets. I remember dancing and faux fighting with my brother, Matthew, to Mars, and thinking we were really, really cool.

5-10: Kurt Bestor's An Airus Christmas. Again, this involved dancing with my siblings. One of the most famed family videos we possess is of my siblings and I, running around the living room like crazy banshees, grooving out to "Il Est Ne Le Divin Enfant" in matching purple tee shirts (inside-out, so that they wouldn't have the printing showing) and blue sweatpants.

10-15: I was just beginning to realize that the radio really wasn't evil. But I can't give you an actual album for this period of my life. I've never really listened to a lot of music; instead, I played a lot of music. I'll say this was probably marked most by the theme song from Jurrasic Park, which I memorized at the age of 12, and played incessantly for about two years afterword. This is also the time of life I discovered I had a real talent for singing.

15-20: The Seminary CD's. I also made my own combination CD's that I would play in my car, and I was singing with Change of Pace, our school's jazz choir. Again, I can define my life more by what I was playing and singing, rather than what albums I listened to.

20-current: The Luckiest by Ben Fold's Five, and of course, Sesame Street Platinum All-Time Favorites. Ben Fold's Five gave Cody and I "Our Song," and now, with children, we listen to "C is for Cookie" and "The Moon Song" very often.

I won't actually tag any one else. But it is kind of interesting to think back through my life, and see what music was a part of it. Enjoy!


Aubri said...

Yay! I'm so glad you posted! I was super curious...

Aubri said...

I know it might feel like I'm tag-stalking you... but I gave you an award! Come check it out!

Laurie/Mom/Grandma said...

Wow, your memory is great. I don't think I could come up with as much as you did.