Saturday, March 28, 2009

Relay for Life

My little sister Sara was the chairman for this year's American Cancer Society Relay for Life at Utah State University. We went up last night for the opening ceremonies, stayed for about an hour and a half, and then went up again this morning and happened to be there for the closing ceremonies. We had a great time, especially Lee. Lots of the teams had brought games or activities to their little campsites, and Lee took advantage of every single one. He loves his necklace with the 5 beads he collected (1 for each lap), he stole candy from anywhere he could find it, colored luminaries, flirted with the girls, waved at the boys, putted some golf balls, and found a basketball to shoot some hoops.
Granddad H. and Mom F., walking in the survivor's lap (the first lap of the whole relay)Dad F. and Annalisa, cheering on Mom F.
Lee showing his Luminary. It said on one side: Granddad H, Grandma F, we love you! and the other side, Karon P., Keep fighting!Sara, Lee, Big Blue, Me (Lisa), Annalisa, and Alisa (Yes, lots of 'Lisa' in our family.) I may have my eyes closed in the picture, but Lee and Anna's faces were too funny to pass on this picture.

It was funny to go up at the start and back at the end. As it started, there was excited cheers, people running laps, bright eyes and bushy tails. This morning, the average pace of the walkers was about half a mile per hour, and several people had zonked out right on the track. It would have been fun to camp out all night, but I'll admit--I was grateful for my warm, soft, quiet bed.Annalisa, enjoying the sucker that Dad F. snuck for her. Mmm, my first taste of sugar!

All told, they raised just over $9,000. Way to go, Sara! I was really impressed with the event, and we had a good time. Keep your eyes peeled for a "Prudential Team" or something of the sort next year!

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Laurie/Mom/Grandma said...

It was a great event. I posted about it too!