Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Weird things

Cody and I just encountered an odd end to a long problem.

When we got married, we transferred Cody's phone number from his roommate's name to his name, and moved it to our apartment. When we moved to the house we live in now, we took the phone number with us. Not long after, we started getting strange phone calls. They would happen once or twice a day, then wouldn't come for a couple of days or even weeks. Then we'd get two or three again.

People would call us; strangers, claiming they'd just been contacted by the police. At first we thought nothing of it, strange wrong numbers. It became more and more common, and went on for more than a year. We called the police office, and were told what you'd expect to hear: probably just a glitch, wrong numbers, and don't worry about it. The receptionist told us she'd write it down, and we doubted she would. We called our phone service provider, who couldn't find anything wrong with our account.

The weird phone calls kept coming, and I started to get worried that we might be accused of harassment. I wanted it fixed. So, we bought me a cell-phone last month and decided that we would disconnect our home phone when we were certain that everyone had our new numbers.

Today, I was sitting, watching Little Einstiens with Lee and nursing Annalisa, when I got another weird phone call. Another one came a few minutes later, and was the worst one yet. A young man's voice swore at me and called me a nasty name, and I hung up on him. I am a decent young mother, I don't need to be called bad names and told that I am a bad person. I made up my mind, I was fed up with these phone calls, and I went and got Cody's permission to end our phone service.

As I was waiting on hold with the company, trying to disconnect the phone, there was a knock at the door. A couple of massive guys, one shaved bald, the other wearing ominous sunglasses, wanted to talk to Cody. I showed them downstairs, they asked him to come outside. I heard them say "Hi, Cody, we're detectives from the Logan Police Department..."

Oh no, I thought, they're going to arrest my husband, and take him away, and I'm going to have to post bail, and our insurance rates are going to go up, and we're ALL GOING TO DIE!!

So maybe I overreacted just a teensy bit. I was still on hold a minute later when the detective came inside and asked me the same questions about the strange phone: were we impersonating officers? How long had this been going on? Had we contacted the police about it? They left, I finished cancelling our service, and sat down in a mild panic with Cody laughing. Then Cody and I started grilling each other, making sure our stories (the plain and simple truth) had matched, and I secretly plotting how to jump my innocent husband from jail, if the need arose.

A few minutes later, the phone rang. I said aloud, "This phone shouldn't be ringing! I just disconnected it!" But I answered, and it was the same detectives who had just been at our house, with a solution.

Sure enough, as we had suspected, someone from the police department had been calling people, and our phone number was showing up on caller ID's. They were very apologetic for our inconvenience, he told me he had "Chewed out" the guy who had sworn at me, and they promised to fix the problem. I told him that I'd already disconnected the phone number, so it didn't really matter.

One thing I learned today: if a weird glitch with caller ID and someone swearing at me can make me break down into hysterics, I don't think I'd make a very good con artist.


SHEFFERS 'R' US said...

How insane!! I love your blog, it is always so entertaining. Did I spell that right....? Any way I am glad that you phone terror is finally at an end.

Aubri said...

"...I don't think I'd make a very good con artist"

I snort-laughed when I read that. You're so cute :-) I'm glad it's over!

Lynea said...

So, when we first got married, we would get strange calls at random, always from men and they never seemed to know who they were calling. A few years later, Nate was down on the island delivering a Pizza for Dominoes, and he found some grafitti etched into a bridge that said, "For a good time, call..." It was our number! The graffiti had apparently been there along time. Needless to say, we quickly got our number changed!

Kathy said...

PHEW, glad that's over!

Sara said...

So glad you got it fixed!!

Laurie/Mom/Grandma said...

Well, I won't call that old number anymore!

Kami Sheffer's Blog said...

Mwahahahaha! That is hilarious!!! I am laughing soo hard!!