Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Our Great big huge California trip

We're back!

Saturday morning early early, Lee, Anna and I (Lisa) got up, took mom and dad F's van, picked up Sara at her apartment, picked up mom and dad F in Salt Lake (where they'd been to Wicked, so incredibly jealous...) and we drove to Southern California to visit my sister Kathryn, her husband Doug, and their new baby boy Benjamin.

We had a fantastic time! The drive was a really long, over lots of desert. We passed through St. George and Las Vegas. We even saw the Famous World's tallest thermometer in Baker, CA. (wow.) The kids were great in the car--as good as could be expected. Anna had a couple of times that she just couldn't be in her carseat any more, but she toughed it out and we all made it. Lee watched Little Einsteins for about four hours, with headphones, thank goodness...

Saturday night when we arrived we hung out for a little while, and Kathy had made us a delicious dinner that felt so good to eat after all day in the car. We went to our hotel and crashed.

Sunday was easter, and the Easter bunny had come to our car, leaving toys for the kids and candy for the adults. Church was very nice, and very refreshing with Kathy and Doug. After the block they blessed their baby, Benjamin Douglas, and it was a beautiful thing to be a part of. It made the whole trip worth it. It is always so powerful to see these worthy, loving men take the baby in their arms and bless him with his name and special blessings to guide him throughout his life.

We had lunch and dinner at Kathy and Doug's that afternoon--thanks again! Lee went to the park with Matthew and Kristin and Sara. I stayed back with Annalisa to help cook and so Anna could take a nap.

After a long day, we went to our hotel and crashed.

Monday morning we "slept in" (Mom insisted that we don't set an alarm, but she still called our room before eight...), and once we were ready we went to Kathy and Doug's, where, surprise! The Easter Bunny had come AGAIN! We had a candy hunt, then packed up again and went to lunch. We chose a BBQ restaurant. I told Kathy that it was a good choice since we can't get real BBQ where we live. Sara said "Well, we can get good wings..." I told her, "Those are deep fried, Sara, not smoked." She said, "They have barbeque sauce..."

After lunch was the time for the BEACH! We were so pumped. It was nice day for the beach--sunny and pleasantly warm. Lee was fascinated with everything he could find--sand, waves, a big stick--and really had a great time. We enjoyed the ocean for several hours, even saw a dolphin, then went back to the Hotel. We had sushi and Thai for dinner. Then we crashed.

Tuesday (yesterday) we drove back home. Again, long, lots of desert, and the last few hours it poured rain. Finally at about ten thirty, we arrived at our house. It felt good to stretch out in my bed, and give Cody a hug and kiss. We missed our daddy.

There (phew)! That was our great big huge California trip. We had a great time. Thanks again, Mom, Dad, Sara, Kathy, Doug, and everyone else who helped us with the trip.


Laurie/Mom/Grandma said...

It was a great trip - even if the driving days took several hours longer than expected. I'll post some more pictures later.

Sara said...

yeah, so that's sand in Lee's mouth, I was trying to tell him to spit it out!! :)

Angeli said...

Yeah, it sounds so fun, and the ocean, and family together just looked too good. Cody couldn't wait for you to come back. That sure looked like a blast.